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Greater Essex County District School Board
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Fighting Island Road Show

​​group of students, in life jackets on fighting island.jpgFighting Island is 610 hectares of land in the Detroit River and the site of a unique educational partnership with the BASF Corporation that provides outdoor educational opportunities to students from kindergarten to high school.  Since 2004 classes have been taking field trips to the island (pictured, left) and learning about its water, plants, insects, birds and animals.  The GECDSB operates a classroom on the island with instructors familiar with the island's habitat and the science curriculum.

students in classroom at Fighting Island outreach exhibit.jpgBut the island is not big enough for every class that wants to visit each year during April - June and September - November.  Some groups that apply don't get to go so the Fighting Island instructors have been taking it to schools for the past few years.

A whole day is usually set aside so that a number of classes can visit the island exhibit.  The instructors and classroom teachers organize the instruction and following a presentation the students presenter at front of classroom.jpgare left to explore the island.  They can look at snails, identify various animal skeletons, view pond water through microscopes and learn about the variety of birds that inhabit the area.

The school visits also help create excitement among students and help them be prepared for when they do get an actual visit to Fighting Island.