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Students Dream Up Ideas About Sleep

Student sitting on bed tests breathing aparatus.jpgSleep hygiene was a focus of the Board's Mental Health and Well-being Strategic Plan during the school year.  The intent was to inform students of the importance of proper sleep habits - specifically how it can impact their school work.

Students view presentatio on sleep hygiene.jpgIn March a group of Communications Technology Special High Skills Major students from General Amherst High School and Kingsville District High School visited the Windsor Sleep Disorders Clinic to learn more about the subject.  Their task was to create a campaign to promote proper sleep hygiene to their peers.

The students reviewed the equipment they use at the clinic to determine sleep disorders and discussed proper sleep hygiene with the staff to develop their communications strategy.  An additional benefit of this excursion was to learn about the different career pathways followed for employment in this healthcare field.

Windsor Star Article - March 3, 2018