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Greater Essex County District School Board
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GECDSB Class Size Reports

Amendments to both the class size were made in July 2001, as part of Bill 80, the Stability and Excellence in Education Act.  These amendments changed the way school boards report both average class size and secondary school teaching assignments to the Ministry.  Boards now report secondary average class size once on April 30th for both count dates (October 31 and March 31). 

Elementary Class Size Report
(from the Min. of Ed.)

On May 3, 2004, Minister Gerard Kennedy announced the province’s plans for improvements to public education. This included a reduction in class sizes in the early years, from junior kindergarten to grade 3. The province indicated its commitment to a cap on a class size of 20 by the end of the government’s mandate. The goal is to ensure basic literacy and numeracy skills are realized by age 8.

Elementary average class size count is based on October 31 enrolment data.  In September 2005, the Minister announced plans to publish a detailed primary school class size information on the Ministry’s public website to provide the opportunity to track the progress school by school and class by class as Boards meet the provincial cap on primary class size of 20:1.  Link to the Ministry of Education Primary Class Size Tracker for the GECDSB.