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Description of Purchasing Processes

Description of Purchasing Processes

The Board has established two separate processes by which it may be prepared to entertain offers for its Properties. One involves a time-limited, sealed bid process, whereby offers received during the specified period are opened and evaluated at the same time. The second process contemplates the submission of offers for the respective Properties, at any time (and in the manner described on this website), until such time as the Board advises that it will no longer receive offers in respect of a particular Property. The two processes for the sale of Properties differ in significant ways. Interested parties should carefully review and follow the specific instructions provided for the particular Property they are interested in.

Regardless of the manner in which the Board elects to entertain offers for Properties, one common aspect to both processes is that the Board has a statutory obligation to sell each Property at fair market value. In forming its views on fair market value, the Board has considered the development potential of each Property.

View sealed bid properties available at this time.

View properties for which offers are currently being accepted.