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Greater Essex County District School Board
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Priority Schools


Priority Schools Logo How to Apply
Eligible applications for these four Priority Schools will be reviewed by the Rental Office and accepted if space is available. 
Contact the rental office for application details.


The Greater Essex County District School Board is pleased to announce that funding has been provided by the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Education to continue the “Priority Schools” program.

The goal is to provide priority access and free after-school use in communities that need it most.  Free use of school space will allow not-for-profit organizations the ability to offer affordable or no-cost programming in our schools.  Begley, Brock, Marlborough and Prince Edward have been identified as “Priority Schools”.  School-related activities have priority access to school space.

Offered September 1st to August 31st.

Project Objectives

  • To eliminate rental fees and provide not-for-profit groups free access to school facilities in communities that need it most.
  • It is the Ministry’s expectation that the free use of school space by not-for-profit groups will result in free or reduced-rates programming for their participants. 
NFP Groups:
The term not-for-profit refers to the mandate of an organization whose primary objective is to support community activities without any commercial or monetary profit.

NFP youth-related community groups
run by local youth groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, 4H Clubs and Cadets, etc. where the activities are intended for participants under the age of 18 or where the participants have a disability, then under the age of 28.

NFP recognized children’s sport and recreation service providers

that are sponsored by a municipality as providing services or programs for the benefit of the community, or members of a provincial sports organization or an accredited camping organization, or universally recognized as service providers, such as the YMCA or Red Cross.

NFP childcare operations

Groups involved with before and after-school childcare programs delivered by eligible operators, as per the Day Nurseries Act, within the school board district.

Other NFP or charitable groups​

Universally recognized as service providers, such as the YMCA or Red Cross, or other groups such as local service clubs, community health associations, parent groups, seniors groups, etc. as determined by the district school board.