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Sale of Forster school property
NEWS RELEASE                    
Greater Essex County District School Board 451 Park Street West, Windsor ON N9A 6K1
519-255- 3200
January 14, 2016
Contact: Public Relations Officer Scott Scantlebury
Phone: 519-255-3200 ext. 10224
Forster Property Sale
- additional information-
The Greater Essex County District School Board wishes to provide additional information regarding its sale of the former J.L. Forster High School property to Progressive Waste Solutions Canada Inc.
Forster was closed following the Board’s standard accommodation review process and the property was declared surplus to the Board’s needs. School Boards in Ontario have an obligation to dispose of surplus property and do so in accordance with regulatory requirements, principally Ontario Regulation 444/98, which provides, in part, that before disposing of surplus property, school boards solicit proposals from designated government and quasi-government agencies, including local municipalities. If none of these “preferred entities” have an interest in a property, a school board may dispose of the property, at fair market value, to any other body or to any person.
The GECDSB did solicit proposals for the Forster property from “preferred entities” but did not receive any expressions of interest. Although it is the current practice of the GECDSB to “list” its surplus properties, should no “preferred entity” be interested, before the Board was able to consider listing the Forster property, a matter of dispute with the owner of an adjoining property was identified.
The sale of the Forster property to Progressive represented the culmination of negotiations between the GECDSB and Progressive regarding the dispute and was considered by the Board to be the only reasonable alternative available to it.
An independent, third party, appraisal for the Forster property was used to determine the fair market value of the property for purposes of the sale to Progressive Waste Management. In the Board’s view, the sale of the Forster property to Progressive Waste Solutions Canada Inc. was the best possible solution available and demonstrates the GECDSB’s commitment to prudently manage its assets.
For further information contact Public Relations officer Scott Scantlebury @ 519-255-3200 ext. 10224 or 519-995-5797.