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Student Vote at MD Bennie PS
M.D. Bennie Public School
259 Sherk
Leamington, ON
(519) 326-6603
October 21, 2014
Principal Patti Oshar
Students Vote @ M.D. Bennie
- Bulldogs participate in municipal elections -
The municipal election campaign comes to a close at M.D. Bennie Public School on Thursday, October 23rd when students in Grades 4 to 8 go to the polls. The vote begins at 9:15 a.m.
Student Vote allows young people, prior to their legal right to vote, to have a chance to experience the democratic process through classroom and school activities which are intended to inform students about government and the electoral process and cultivate a sense of civic duty.
Students conduct as well as participate in the election. The results will be released in conjunction with the actual returns on October 27th.
For more information, contact teacher, Nicole Pezzotti at 519-326-6603.