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2021 OSSLT

eqao logo.jpgGECDSB secondary schools will provide an opportunity for students in the In-person / Adapted learning model to write the Ontario Secondary Schools Literacy Test (OSSLT) this year.

Successfully completing this exam is not a requirement for students scheduled to graduate in 2021. However, it remains a requisite part of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma for any students currently in Grades 10 and 11.

Why is GECDSB administering the OSSLT?

  • The GECDSB wants students to have the opportunity to fulfill the OSSLT literacy graduation requirement.

Is a student required to write the OSSLT this year (2020-2021)?

  • There may be extenuating circumstances in which students and/or their parents/guardians believe it would not be in their or their child's best interest to write the OSSLT.
  • Parents/guardians may contact the Principal to indicate their wish to withdraw their child from participation in the OSSLT online field-test. It should be noted that these students will not be granted an exemption from the graduation requirement.

Who will be writing the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test this year?

  • Grade 10, 11 and non-graduating grade 12s will be writing the test this year because the test was not offered in the previous school year.
  • Only students who are enrolled in in-person learning will write the test. Students who are currently enrolled at the Greater Essex Virtual school will not write the test this year. (The exam must be written in person and proctored by an accredited member of the staff.)

What is the purpose of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test?

  • The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is a graduation requirement that evaluates literacy skills against curriculum expectations.
  • The test is usually completed by grade 10 students in pen and paper format. This year, the Education Quality Accountability Office (EQAO) will be administering the test in an online format as a field test.
  • Students who are successful at the field test will be granted the literacy requirement.

When will the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test be written this year?

  • GECDSB Secondary Schools will be scheduling the tests between March 23rd and June 4th. The schedules will be created based on school-specific circumstances.
  • The OSSLT will be written during in-person instructional time. Students in grade 9 or 12 split classes who are not eligible to write the test may not have to attend school on the day their class is scheduled to complete the test. This will be confirmed by school administration.

What does the test look like?

  • The EQAO is field-testing a new online format for the OSSLT. This means the test will be written online, during school hours, using a school board-based device.
  • The test will be written under the supervision of a teacher during two sessions, each of which should be completed in one hour (2 hours total).

Will students receive accommodations (e.g. double time, scribing, periodic breaks, verbatim reading of questions)?

  • Accommodations such as verbatim reading are embedded in the test. Schools will endeavor to arrange accommodations that have not already been incorporated into the OSSLT.