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Greater Essex County District School Board
Building Tomorrow Together
A Grateful School Community

Principal Ron Brown holding coats.JPGWhen people in our region are in need, there are so many generous people in Windsor and Essex County who come together to support them. This year, in the midst of a global pandemic, many of the needs of the students and families of Marlborough Public School have been gratefully met.

The congregation of The Exchange Church Windsor gathered over 700 water bottles for our students who may have forgotten or do not have reusable water bottles at home. Since we have had to restrict the use of water fountains in our schools, each student may only access water bottle refill stations and this was a very practical donation. With permission from our Public Health Inspector, we are able to use our commercial dish washer to wash and properly sterilize these bottles so that they can be re-used by students and staff throughout the school year.

Bags of gifts lined up in hallway.JPGAs well, one of the members of their congregation started a fund raising campaign to allow us to help our families with things such as purchasing brand new winter coats for any child who needed one, providing support to families struggling to put food on their tables, and in the coming months, to give new shoes to children (this is a project we are working on currently). The money raised, starting with this gentleman's own initial contribution of $15,000, has reached more than $57,000, and has helped not only our own families, but some from other local GECDSB schools as well. 

With the assistance of the National Sports store in Tecumseh we have been able to fit more than 400 children with a properly sized, brand new, winter coat. 

Two gentlemen have, over many years, provided 25 families in our community with complete turkey dinners (all the fixings included) for the winter holiday that just passed. This year was no exception.

Gift bags in school hallway.jpgA group of employees in the core city area RBC branches collected food this fall and set up a food give-away in our school parking lot that supported about 30 families just before Christmas.

With the assistance of some of our students' families, local Windsor-Essex County businesses and our own Marlborough staff, 31 families were supported to be able to create some Christmas memories with their children – support which included some clothes, books, gifts, and a gift card to a local grocery store as well to help feed our families.

The Marlborough School Community is so very thankful to everyone who have supported and continue to support our families.