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Greater Essex County District School Board
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A Day in the Life

What is Kindergarten? Ask a 4 or 5 year old and they may talk about a typical day walking in the woods, building a city out of blocks, making a movie on an iPad or even sharing a book with a reading buddy in Grade 5. Ask a teacher and they might say it is an introduction to formal education. A parent might define Kindergarten as the transition from home to school. Regardless of the perspective, being ready for it is essential.12133218.jpg


Registration for Kindergarten for the 2015-16 school year is ongoing.  Please contact your local public school for information. To find the public school your child should attend, the best approach is to call the GECDSB offices at 519-255-3200. If families are considering French Immersion, it is a good idea to check because this program is offered at nine of our schools, 4 in Windsor and 5 throughout the county.


On Tuesday, March 31st we are also offering the opportunity for families to take part in ”A Day in the Life” at all GECDSB elementary schools. This program gives everyone a chance to see what goes on in our Kindergarten classes. Families can contact their local school for information in regard to start and end times, joining teachers, support staff and students for a view of what’s upcoming!