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Hacking Health Winning Formula

A partnership between two community partners who were looking to create something special, came away successful, inspired, and on top.

The team, consisting of staff from Leamington District Memorial Hospital and staff and students from Leamington District Secondary School attended Windsor-Detroit Hacking Health, a three day event, with the idea of creating a mentl health app for teens.

Their concept drew offers of aid and knowledge to bring the idea to reality. Another local group attending the event, climbed on the bandwagon. Four members of the St. Clair College's Web Club offered their know how and expertise.

The experience was the most important part of the weekend, according to LDSS student Tam Do.

Having prepared most of the background prior to attending the event , the team of 15, made up of mostly females, was able to work on other aspects of the project.

The inclusion of the high school students in the development phase of the idea impressed judges at the Hacking Health event.

Zain Ismail, LDMH manager of innovation plans to enlist the help of students again as an important resource in the future.

Lauren Omstead, a computer science teacher at LDSS has first hand knowledge of the business. As a former software developer, she pointed out that this type of hands on learning can not be taught in a classroom setting.

The next step, according to Ismail will take time and money, something he feels will not be a problem as they go forward.