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Greater Essex County District School Board
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Learn It, Live It, Love It
Secondary school students throughout the Greater Essex County District School Board are in their communities gaining valuable experience and skills they need to use in future careers. The Co-operative Education Program, the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) and the Specialist High Skills Major Program (SHSM)shsm.jpg assist students in finding their career paths befor e going on to post-secondary studies.

In the final part of our 10 part video-series (available through the link, below), Rachel talks about the skills she gained in the program. Those skills were something that look good on her resume for the future. She feels that it is a benefit for students to explore this program and all that it has to offer students as it prepares them for their future. It gives those enrolled in these programs the chance to look at different careers and chose something they love. Learn it and then ultimately live it as a career.


In the ninth installment of our video series, Madeline speaks about her experience in a grade school, directing a play. Placing that on her resume gave her the chance to explore her post-secondary career at York University.


Part eight of Learn It, Live It, Love It features R.J., Michael, and Jacob. They talk about how their individual experiences have helped them in different ways. To R.J., it is the skills and certifications you receive. Michael feels that the on the job training is one of the most important things in the program which in turn opens many doors for his future, while Jacob says the benefits are the knowledge he gained which could lead to future employment.

Part seven of our Learn It, Live It, Love It series features Angelina speaking about how this experience has helped her pick the right path to follow for her future. The programs have boosted her confidence and she feels this is a stepping stone to her future.
In part six, Sydney and Jesse both describe their business Co-op experiences. Sydney feels that the real life experiences she gains helps her gain the knowledge about whether this is the correct career path for her. Jesse says that the experience has centred his learning and directed him to the correct career stream. His work has landed him a bursary from his placement for future business studies.
In part five of our series, Myah speaks about what being in the workplace setting does for her and how this experience will become an important part of her resume for the future.

In this video, Austin talks about how these programs boost confidence and have forced him to step up his game and expand his vision about his love of cooking as a career choice.
Watch as Jessica talks about how, when she enters her post secondary school career, her workplace experience and on the job training in the salon setting will put her ahead of other students in her program. She believes that she has the SHSM and Co-Op programs to thank for this advantage.

Devon talks about the skills he has gained through the hands-on experiences working in the home builders program and how it can help him in the future.
Watch as Sierra describes her passion for cooking and what she is going to take away from her rewarding experience at the Community Kitchen.
These videos, uploaded to the GECDSB YouTube channel, feature our students as they explore their passions, away from classroom settings to prepare for their life after high school.