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Camp Wonder 2019

2 students working at table.jpgIt's more summer camp than summer school but the kids taking part in Camp Wonder are discovering new things and reinforcing lessons already learned in their first few years of school. The 3 week program running from July 2nd - 19th is primarily for students in Grade 2. There are more than 400 of them this year in 19 groups at 10 different locations. Each class is supported by 2 teachers, but it's far from a typical Grade 2 learning environment. It's free-flowing - there lots of independent learning and clusters of students working together.

students working with robot.jpgAt Coronation PS, where there are 20 students from 3 different area schools, teacher Jeff Betterley says they start each day with some brief instruction to the group. After that the kids choose what they do and when they do it. There are "Must-dos" - word problems in their math journals and 10 minutes of Lexia, an enhanced reading program, but the rest of their classroom time is spent moving from one station to another. Students get stamps on their passports each day and can use them as credits for special treats.

After lunch, it's off to the University of Windsor for fun and physical activity. On Marvelous Monday parents and guardians are invited for breakfast and to participate in some of the learning. ​

Camp Wonder has many partners, besides the parents, including the United Way, Nature Fresh, the Unemployed Help Centre, and Green Heart.