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Elementary Request for Change Q and A

January 22, 2021

Request for Change (Elementary) Survey – Q&A

When does the change of model take effect?

The deadline to submit your change of model request is Tuesday, January 26th 

Your child's current learning model will continue until Friday, February 12th

The students will begin in their new model of learning on Tuesday, February 16th

*These dates are subject to change based on orders from the Government of Ontario or WECHU. Changes in learning model will begin when the stay-at-home order for students is lifted.

Why do we need to make our selection now?

We understand parents' concern about making this selection at this time. We want to provide their student(s) a sufficient opportunity to transition into their preferred model when we are able to return to in-person instruction.

When we provide parents the opportunity to change their child's model of learning it requires a re-staffing of the entire system.

The process to staff schools includes: changing class lists; updating student and teacher timetables and schedules; and moving teachers to their new assignments. It requires three weeks to complete this work.

Why can't I switch my child's model of learning at any time?

Based on the answer above, we would not be able to accommodate individual requests.

What happens if the Ministry of Education or WECHU extends the timeline for the return to in-person learning?

Students would continue with their current model of learning. The transition to a new learning model would begin once in-person learning can resume.

If the stay-at-home order is extended can I change my current model of learning (e.g. not be virtual and receive paper packages)?

No. In this case, the student's current model of learning would continue until we are able to return to in-person instruction. Once the stay-at-home order for students is lifted changes to learning models will take effect immediately.

Why is the choice for the remainder of the school year?

There have been three opportunities to select students' model of learning, which has resulted in a lot of changes. This is in order to provide learning consistency for all of our students.

If we have already completed the survey (Dec 30th - January 6th ) do we need to complete the survey again?

No. However, if you would like to change your previous selection you may submit the form provided before Tuesday, January 26th at 4pm. 

Click here to go to the Request for Change Form

How can I educate myself on the various learning models that are available?

We encourage everyone to make an informed decision.

As a student in the GEVS – Correspondence program, you will receive work packages to your home school every two weeks that you are responsible to pick-up, complete and bring back. The lessons are designed to include 300min of learning each day. Assessment of learning is primarily based on the completed tasks in the package as well as other evidence of learning (photos/videos/feedback) that may be shared through online tools. You can work on these assigned tasks at your convenience. This program is designed to be supported by an adult in the home, with guidance, communications and connections to the classroom teacher through phone calls, Edsby, MS Teams or email. If you have an IEP, the work packages will reflect these goals and accommodations.  

As a student in the GEVS- Online program, you will receive 225min of synchronous online learning through MS Teams and 75 min of asynchronous learning through D2L, OneNote and/or Edbsy. Students in kindergarten engage in 180 min of synchronous learning and 120 min of asynchronous learning. This learning model requires students to attend the virtual classroom daily and participate in learning using online tools. Students will need access to reliable internet and devices to access the full range of tools that make up this program. The program is designed to be directed by a teacher, with opportunities for support by an adult in the home. If you have an IEP, the online program will reflect these goals and accommodations.