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Kennedy Video Best in Country

green imp in box being lifted.jpgA mischievous green imp creates health and safety hazards throughout Kennedy Collegiate Institute, but students and staff overcome the obstacles with patience, common sense and awareness.

Teacher Megan Simon and 9 video arts students developed the story of this dastardly plot and entered a video in the It's Your Job contest put on by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. 


green imp lies in hallway.jpgThe video, which is included, as a link at the bottom of the page took first place in the Ontario Ministry of Labour's provincial competition for high school students and then tripped up the rest of the field in the national contest.

The students: Kahless Christopher, Tasha Dang, Jasmine Katona, Liana Hockin, Yuvi Gill, Phoenix Lambier, Saina Ahmadi, Sara Al Burkat and Austin Reis shared $4,000 in winning and the school also receives $4,000.