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Greater Essex County District School Board
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MusicFest Windsor

MusicFest Flyer.jpgNineteen groups of young musicians and singers from GECDSB schools will be on the Capitol Theatre stage April 4, 5, & 6 for MusicFest Windsor. The ensembles will perform and receive professional adjudications of their work with an opportunity to earn invitations to MusicFest Canada​ in Toronto this May.

​Performance Schedule ​​​​ ​ ​ ​
Wednesday, April 4​​​​
Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts Wind Ensemble ​​8:30 a.m. β€‹β€‹
Kingsville DHS Grade 9 Band ​
​9:30 a.m. 
W.F. Herman Academy Concert Band ​​10:00 a.m. β€‹β€‹
W.C.C.A. Concert Band ​​10:30 a.m.​​
Jack Miner P.S. Senior band ​​11:00 a.m.​​
Kingsville P.S. Junior Band ​​12:00 p.m.​​
Kingsville D.H.S. Senior Band ​​2:00 p.m. β€‹β€‹
Essex P.S. Concert Band​​3:00 p.m.​​
Dougall P.S. Band ​​3:30 p.m. β€‹β€‹
Leamington D.S.S. Concert Band ​​4:00 p.m. β€‹β€‹
General Amherst H.S. Concert Band ​​4:30 p.m.​​
Thursday, April 5​​​​
Tecumseh Vista Academy Concert Band ​​9:00 a.m.​​
Essex D.H.S. Concert Band ​​9:30 a.m.​​
Gosfield North P.S. Senior band ​​11:00 a.m.​​
Tecumseh Vista Academy Junior Concert Band ​​11:30 a.m.​​
Essex D.H.S. Jazz band ​​2:30 p.m.​​
Tecumseh Vista Academy Jazz band ​​3:30 p.m.​​
Friday, April 6​​​​
W.C.C.A. Chamber Choir ​​8:30 a.m.​​
W.C.C.A. Concert Choir ​​10:00 a.m.​​