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P.D. Day Camp - a Student Success

Students in tech classroom.jpgOn the January 17th teacher PD day Grade 6 and 7 students were welcomed into their secondary schools for “Camp Day” at no cost to the families. Four secondary schools were involved in the event, providing technology-related activities and supervised care.  Secondary school teams of teachers and students designed each camp's engaging activities to showcase opportunities in skilled trades or technology, while also fostering the development of soft skills like teambuilding and communication.    

At Riverside Secondary School, the theme of the camp was DPA, Design and Dodge with some fun daily physical activity (DPA) including ping pong and dodge ball.  In the media lab, students used computer technology to design and edit an animated gif.  They learned about setting up proper portrait lighting, as well as Hollywood-standard health and safety precautions while lighting a film set.  Student attendees were able to tour a variety of technology classes that are available at Riverside, including automotive, construction and manufacturing.  

Students at the C2 Clipper Camp at Kennedy Collegiate also explored technical areas – including construction and design tech.  They learned about apprenticeship opportunities available through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) from the GECDSB OYAP/Co-op coordinator, Angela Ciarlariello-Bondy and explored how to imprint a logo onto material,  imprinting the OYAP logo onto their complimentary touques. They  designed their own T-shirt while exploring the Arts department, and built their own picture frame which they were able to take home. Students interacted with teachers from the secondary team, and learned about safety related to working in a shop.  

Students from the Essex District High School leadership class welcomed elementary students as they arrived for their camp, entitled “Design, Construct, and Drive”.  student with name tag.jpgThe task for the Grades 6 and 7s was to design and construct personal identification tags. They also built self-propelled cars with rubber bands in the automotive classroom. Participants were also able to see the EDHS e-sports area and also learn about the different programs available throughout the GECDSB. 

The Herman Academy camp, “Tech Connected”, began with a warm welcome from the students in the school’s leadership class.  After a Minute to Win it Challenge and a quick game of beachball volleyball, students were able to work with a Herman technology teacher to design their own logo (by hand and using software) and personalize their own T-shirt.  In the afternoon, participants were challenged to create a roller coaster given provided parameters and materials.  Using their ingenuity and creativity students had to land the marble in the designated area.

Camp Day was made possible through Ministry of Education Experiential learning funding, which promotes hands-on learning opportunities as a way to shed light on students’ future pathways in technology, apprenticeships and skilled trades.