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Secondary Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation

​For students in secondary schools, teachers will assign learning tasks, projects and culminating activities for both formative and summative purposes with the intention of enhancing learning and understanding as students cope with stresses during COVID-19.  

On April 27, 2020, the Minister of Education stated, “If students can improve their marks over this period, let them do so.  It’s not a time to reduce their mark. It’s really a time to see how we can strengthen their marks.”

Teachers will provide feedback for assessments during the period of Distance Learning to students. These assessments can be used only to improve students’ final course marks.

Furthermore, we are committed to ensure students who are on track to graduate are not impeded by the COVID-19 pandemic.  To this end, the Ministry announced that the literacy requirement and 40-hours of community service requirement have been waived for students graduating this year. 

Grade 10 Careers/Civics:  Teachers engaged students in the second half of their Careers/Civics on April 6, 2020.  Unlike other courses, teachers of Careers/Civics designed the courses to be taught and learned on a distance platform from the course beginning on April 6.  Teachers have been sending formative tasks to students, and they have been providing feedback to students to prepare them for their final summative assignment.  This culminating assessment will begin later in the semester.  Teachers will use distance student achievement and their professional judgement in assigning a final grade for the second-half course.

​We encourage parents/guardians and students to contact their Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Principal, Vice-Principal or other school staff, if they have any questions about their academic progress or pathways.  We are all here to help.

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