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Greater Essex County District School Board
Building Tomorrow Together
GECDSB Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

As part of the Greater Essex County District School Board's committment to dismantling systemic racism and oppression in our Board a new, internal Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee has been formed.

The committee consists of:

Candice Allen (she/her) - Secondary Teacher                            Sara Alshoibi (she/her) - Elementary Occasional Teacher

Mohamad Ayoub (he/him) - Elementary Vice Principal           Amandeep Bains (she/her) - Construction Administration

Taylor Bake (she/her) - Temporary Support Staff                     Garth Brown (he/him) - Interim-Elementary Principal

Melanie Cardinal (she/her) - Secondary Teacher                      Walter Cassidy (he/him) - Secondary Teacher

Ashley Castonguay (they/them) - Custodian                            Raquel Cowan (she/her) - Elementary Principal 

Tule Dugan (she/her) - Elementary Teacher                              Fouada Hamzeh (she/her) - Interim-Secondary Vice Principal

Carolyn Howlett (she/her) - Secondary Teacher                      Rick MacMillan (he/him) - Secondary Principal

Brent Oneschuk (he/him) - Elementary Teacher                      Anuja Shad (she/her) - Secondary Senior Secretary

Heather Taylor (she/her) - Elementary Occasional Teacher    Mike Thrasher (he/him) - Teacher Consultant

Tamara Walls-Muise - Elementary Teacher                               Jenny Wong (she/her) - Elementary Teacher

Bronwen Wood (she/her/they) - Secondary Teacher             Clara Howitt (she/her) - Superintendent 

Vicki Houston (she/her) - Superintendent                                Josh Canty (he/him) - Superintendent 

These staff members, with diverse lived experience, from a variety of employee groups, will meet regularly to discuss pertinent topics and consult with Board administration on revisions to and the development of policies, procedures and guidelines. A primary focus of the committee will be to build staff capacity in diversity, equity and inclusion.