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Greater Essex County District School Board
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EcoSchools Training Day

E-Frog Logo JPEG.jpgExplorer, adventurer and TV host George Kourounis (pictured, below) has done things, been places that few and in some cases no other people have ever experienced. He has tried to stand against a hurricane's fiercest winds, chased tornadoes, and has been as close to an active volcano as any person who lived to talk about it.

At the 2014 GECDSB EcoSchools Training Day, Kourounis, the star of the Angry Planet TV series, talked at length about his adventures to the gathering of students, teachers, custodians and administrators. "How are we supposed to protect something we don't understand?" Kourounis asked. He said that was his motivation for being an explorer and pursuing what are at times death-defying adventures. "The beauty of our planet is incredible," he said. "I go on my adventures to inspire people to take better care of it." Kourounis cropped.jpg

"The initiatives you have are very encouraging," he said about the GECDSB EcoSchools program. "If everyone makes small changes...small, yes, but important when done in large numbers"

Schools shared with each other ideas that have worked in their environment stewardship program during training day. The 45 schools which earned provincial certification last year were recognized and all 72 schools were given information to help them with their applications this year.

In her greeting to participants, Director of Education Erin Kelly encouraged them to make the most of this wonderful opportunity, "Today will, I hope, motivate you to sustain what you are doing already…give you some new ideas to enhance your environmental stewardship activities…and provide you with information you can  use to educate your communities about why what you are doing is so important."

 Training Day 2014