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Greater Essex County District School Board
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Treaties Recognition Week 2020

​Student paints wampum belt on canvas.jpegThe first week of November is designated as Treaties Recognition Week in Ontario.

Students at Gore Hill Public School got an early start on their observance of the event in a live video conference with artist Moses Lunham, who spoke to them about the importance of treaties. Lunham also assisted students in creating their own wampum belts on canvas (pictured, left)​. Wampum belts are symbols that recognize peace and collaboration between 2 nations.​

The province's website states, that the annual Treaties Recognition Week "honours the importance of treaties and helps students and residents of Ontario learn more about treaty rights and relationships. By learning more about our collective treaty rights and obligations, we can create greater understanding and nurture these relationships."

​This year a bundle of classroom resources has been put together for teachers to incorporate into regular learning as well as opportunities for both elementary and secondary students to participate in a series of live events on line throughout the week.

For more information about Treaties Recognition Week visit -