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Greater Essex County District School Board
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School Naming Survey

Students and staff will occupy the new school in East Windsor​ during the 2020-21 school year. Its name will be determined following the process prescribed in GECDSB Policy P-PL-01:

"The Board of Trustees will approve the official names of all new or amalgamated schools and facilities.   Specific details regarding the establishment of a Naming Committee, the criteria for the naming of school and board facilities and recommendation for a consultative process can be found in Regulation R-PL-1​."

To prepare the Naming Committee, we are asking members of the school community and the public to participate in a brief survey. The information gathered will be used to initiate the committee's discussions.​​

1. What specific aspects of the community would you like to see included in the name of this new school? (example: a tree, a prominent local geographical feature…) *
2. What general characteristics do you think should be reflected in the name of this new school? (example: the environment, academic excellence…)
3. What is your suggestion for a name for this new school?