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Greater Essex County District School Board
Building Tomorrow Together
Eastwood-Parkview School Consolidation

May 3, 2021

Construction Begins

Approval of the budget and design by both the GECDSB Board of Trustees and the Ministry of Education, a contract was awarded to Fortis Construction to build the new school. 

Work began preparing the site, beside Parkview Public School on the first week of May. Safety fencing was erected and the big machines started clearing the space (see pictures). Construction is expected to take approximately 12 months. The new, as yet unnamed school, is schedule to open in September of 2022.

Eastwood-Parkview construction begins.JPGEastwood-Parkview site preparation.JPGEastwood-Parkview more site prep.JPG

Eastwood-Parkview construction starts.JPGEastwood-Parkview more construction.JPGEastwood-Parkview work begins.JPG

​​​​​​Trustee Cheryl Lovell makes announcment of new school.JPGFollowing a Program and Accommodation Review of schools in Forest Glade / East Windsor, the GECDSB Board of Trustees approved a plan to consolidate Eastwood and Parkview public schools in a new building, pending the support of the business plan by the Ministry of Education.

In January, 2018 the Board was pleased to announce that the Ministry had awarded a grant of $13.2 million to build the school in the Forest Glade area for 501 students with an additional 4 dedicated childcare classrooms. 

The school will be built on the site of the current Parkview Public School.

The design and budget for the school were approved by the GECDSB Board of Trustees in December, 2019 ​​. Approval to proceed has been granted by the Ministry of Education and a general contractor will be engaged with construction to begin shortly. It usually take between 12-14 months to build a school of this size.