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Greater Essex County District School Board
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School Naming

The GECDSB Board of Trustees voted unanimously, at their November 19, 2019 public meeting, to endorse the name Legacy Oak Trail Public School for the new K-8 school to be built in LaSalle.


A committee was formed following the guidelines in regulation R-PL-01. Members were: Trustee Ron LeClair; Director of Education Erin Kelly; Superintendent Todd Awender; Principal Shawn Dufour; Student representatives, Taylor Briscoe & Kayla Poulin; Staff representatives, Lydia Ardovini & Cindy Guignard; School Council representatives, Melissa Koszegi & Yasmine Jasey.

The initial meeting on October 10th began with a presentation of historical and cultural background of the area in which the new school will be located and a review of input received from the public survey conducted June-September 2019.

The precipitating discussion identified a direction the committee wished to follow in determining possible names for the building. It was consensus that a name should be reflective of the natural features and history of the LaSalle community.

The committee was also unified in its commitment that the name of the school should be distinctive, help create an identity and incorporate a promise to be upheld by the future action of the school community. The environment, a sense of hope and a desire for peace and harmony were the predominant themes examined by the committee.

Following the discussion, the most frequently recurring or interesting names suggested in the community survey were revealed to the committee.

A short list of potential names was created and further research was assigned to committee members prior to the next meeting.

Information was shared with the committee at its second meeting (Oct. 22nd) about Carolinian forests, area waterways and local agricultural practices.

This information inspired a discussion of the natural assets in the LaSalle area. 

The committee focused on trees as symbols of the natural heritage or the region, in particular the oak, of which there are 10 varieties common in the Carolinian Forest zone. The abundance of trails for walking, biking and hiking in the area also became a topic for discussion.

In order to incorporate these ideas, and the committee’s desire to establish a promise of future action by the school community the name Legacy Oak Trail Public School was conceived as the primary suggestion. The secondary suggested name is Heritage Woods Public School.

Both these names were agreed on unanimously by the committee to be submitted to the Board of Trustees.