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Greater Essex County District School Board
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Essex District High School


038.JPGThere were portions of Essex District High School that dated back to 1921, when the building was rebuilt after a fire destroyed the original structure.

Additions and renovations were made over the years and its piecemeal construction was obvious from inside and out. In June of 2007, the MPP for Essex, Bruce Crozier, announced a grant of $6.8 million intended for the renovation of 2/3rds of the school.

That was not a satisfactory proposal for the Board or the community so a new business case was developed and the Ministry of Education approved a grant of approximately $18.6 million to do the job properly.

In February, 2013 GECDSB Trustees approved the design and project cost estimate. The plan is being executed in four phases, eliminating the need to relocate the entire student population during the construction. Phase 1 began in August 2013. Phases 1 & 2 are now completed. The entire project is scheduled to be finished sometime in late 2015.

Artist's Renderings

Exterior-main entrance.jpg          Main Entrance


                                  Lobby               Lobby.jpg


Common Area 2.jpg           Common Area