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Greater Essex County District School Board
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Boundary Studies

The primary objective of all accommodation studies is to support student learning and achievement. This is accomplished through maximizing efficiencies so that as a Board we can be equitable in the allocation of student programs, services and resources across the district.  In order to maintain our commitment, it is necessary to monitor and evaluate all schools regularly. Enrolment changes may require boundary adjustments in order to effectively and efficiently accommodate students. These changes may include additional classroom space (temporary or permanent), relocation of some programs (temporary or permanent) and/or blending arrangements.

A Boundary study may be undertaken when less than 50% of the school’s enrolment is affected. This calculation will be based upon the enrolment of the school at the time of the study. During the course of a Boundary study, our commitment remains that the study of any school be conducted from the broadest possible system and community perspective. The Board will maintain close communication with the community and seek community input.