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Greater Essex County District School Board
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Program and Accommodation Reviews

PARC Web Icon II.jpgThe Greater Essex County District School Board is responsible for operating and maintaining its schools and maximizing efficiencies so that as a Board we can be equitable in the allocation of student programs, services and resources across the district.

The 2018-22 Long Term Accommodation Plan​ incorporates a study of student accommodation needs utilizing a number of metrics including renewal needs, facility condition index, and student enrolment patterns and any other factors which may impact the delivery of educational programming within our school system.

The Initial Staff Report identifies individual schools or groups of schools to be considered for a change in accommodation status. To facilitate a thorough review and analysis regarding a possible change in student accommodation, the Board will create a Program and Accommodation Review Committee (PARC) and follow a four stage process:

  • Stage 1: Identification and Notification
  • Stage 2: Program & Accommodation Review
  • Stage 3: Board Decision
  • Stage 4: Implementation

For more information regarding Program and Accommodation Reviews, please refer to the Student Accommodation site on this website by clicking the student accommodation little red schoolhouse icon.pngicon on the main page.