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Greater Essex County District School Board
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Grade 8 to 9 Transition
Welcome to high school and to a time in your life when your horizons
are expanding. This begins a new, exciting experience for you in a
larger school where you will be meetin8-2-9Guide.jpgg new teachers and new friends. You will have the opportunity to explore a whole range of options that will help prepare you for your future lives as adults.
While the school is bigger, it has a lot in common with your elementary school. You will find caring staff in an environment in which each student's needs and future matter. We pledge to work with you and your parents to help you achieve your best possible future.
Successfully navigating any new experience is more likely to take place when you take the time to seek information and begin to establish important links. The 8-2-9 Transition Guide is designed to assist you in doing just that. It will provide you with answers to some of your questions and describe for you many of the services and programs that will support your individual learning experience. Working together, we will give you the best possible start and assist in every way we can to help you unlock your future.

Want to see which high school offers which courses?

High School Courses

Click "Find Your School" and then click on the school.

You will see all the courses that were offered for next year.

(Please keep in mind that these are offered courses, not necessarily courses that will be running.) ​​