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Greater Essex County District School Board
Building Tomorrow Together Every Learner, Every Day
Character Development

“We must remember that intelligence alone is not enough. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of a true education.”
Martin Luther King Jr

PosterSec-sm.jpgParents and guardians have the primary responsibility for character development, with the support of others in the community. Business and faith communities work collaboratively with schools to share this key responsibility. At the Greater Essex County District School Board, we believe that developing good character is a fundamental component of quality education.

Schools play an active role in organizing, developing and implementing programs that serve to foster and develop character. We believe that all members of our school community should strive to be: Caring, Responsible, Fair, Self-Disciplined, Respectful, Diligent and Trustworthy. These traits were determined in consultation with our staff, parents, students and community partners. Our interest in developing character is derived from the fact that these attributes affirm our human dignity, promote the development and welfare of the individual person, serve the common good and define our rights and responsibilities in Canadian society.