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Active Ecology

 Educating the Future Caretakers of the Planet


This child realizes the need to protect milkweed plants in his community in order to continue to provide a habitat for monarch butterflies. At school, his class takes part in Active Ecology. This groundbreaking program from Learning Through the Arts (LTTA), a division of The Royal Conservatory of Music, brings students away from their desks to explore locally relevant ecological issues through a wide variety of art forms. Active Ecology aims to increase awareness that local actions have global consequences empower students to take action. 

active ecology students

In the Active Ecology program, specially-trained artists from a wide variety of art forms partner with teachers to deliver science and social studies curriculum dealing with locally-relevant ecological issues through the arts. For example, students might learn about climate change through painting and poetry, nonrenewable and renewable sources of energy through hip hop dance, or sustainable development through drumming. Active Ecology helps students learn about cause and effect, feel a stronger sense of community and value their contributions to a healthier planet.