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Greater Essex County District School Board
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Getting Ready For Kindergarten


Beginning Kindergarten is an exciting time! Our caring staff is committed to ensuring your child feels welcome on the first day of school. You can help prepare your child for Kindergarten by:

  • Providing opportunities to play with other children by going to places such as the library or playground
  • Having hearing and vision checked
  • Reading together every day and talking about what you have read
  • Pointing out print wherever it appears and helping your child to use it (e.g., street signs, labels, names of stores)
  • Ensuring that your child can use the washroom independently
  • Providing opportunities for your child to use pencils, crayons and scissors
  • Providing opportunities for your child to listen and follow instructions
  • Ensuring that your child is able to clearly communicate his/her needs
  • Providing opportunities to develop independence with daily skills such as dressing and undressing, personal hygiene, and tidying up
  • Engaging in everyday math activities with your child (e.g., sorting socks, playing games, pointing out numbers wherever you see them)
  • Having your child participate in physical activity each day (e.g., walking, playing at the park, riding a tricycle)
  • Teaching your child to identify and print his/her name
  • Practising opening and closing containers and tidying up independently after eating a snack
  • Encouraging your child to make decisions by providing choices
  • Talking about the fun your child will have at school and the new friends he/she will meet
  • Driving or walking to the school in order to look around the playground and become familiar with the school
  • Establishing consistent bedtime and morning routines
Please consider becoming involved in your child's school. There are many ways to support your child's learning.