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Greater Essex County District School Board
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Social and Emotional Supports
Agency Description
The Children’s Health Care Network
Provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for children with developmental, emotional, behavioural, or psychological problems (i.e. anger, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, depression, OCD, ODD, bi-polar)
Windsor Mood Disorder Self Help Group
Support group for bi-polar (manic depression) or uni-polar (depressive) affective disorders and their families.  Provides social support discussions on mental health and general health and well-being.
Educational puppet program for children provides essential information regarding personal safety, physical and sexual abuse, and encourages abused children to talk to someone about it.  Puppets provide an entertaining and non-threatening way of presenting to young children.
Sexual Assault Crisis Centre
Counselling services for children and their families provides immediate crisis counseling and ongoing treatment for families and individual therapy for children. Education and consultation to caretakers, professionals, and community.
Sexual Assault Treatment Centre – Safe Kids
Services and support for sexually abused or assaulted children provides medical and legal examinations and services provided by specially trained medical personnel.
Community Crisis Centre of Windsor-Essex County
24-hour crisis line provides prompt intervention to persons experiencing emotional crises.  Services include assessments, short-term treatment, referral, and case coordination when appropriate.  Centre hosted by Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital.
Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre of Windsor
1100 University Avenue W.
Windsor, ON
Tel. (519) 919-0572     Fax (519) 258-3795
Culturally appropriate counseling service provides cultural activities that are free of drugs and alcohol.  Includes providing educational presentations on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and individual counseling.
Youth Connections Association for Academic Excellence Inc.
Youth drop-in centre, life skills training, mentoring services, focuses on stress, bullying, racism, self-esteem, employment counseling, cultural diversity, after-school children tutoring program from SK to grade 11.
Canadian Mental Health Association
Bereavement counseling provides individual counseling, peer support groups, education, and consultation for agencies, workplaces, and community groups.  Peer support groups, parent(s) of older children or infants of suicide, homicide, and other grievers.
Teen Health Centre – Nutrition/Eating Disorder Program
Nutrition and eating disorders support program individual counseling available for a wide range of eating issues including malnutrition, pregnancy, vegetarianism, food allergies, and gastrointestinal problems.  Hosts high school workshops on nutrition, cooking, and budgeting, postnatal nutrition for mother and baby.
Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association
– New Direction
New Directions program for teens with an eating disorder.  10 week group sessions on assertiveness.
Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society
1671 Riverside Drive East
Windsor, ON
Tel. (519) 252-1171 or 256-4521
Fax (519) 256-2739
Child protection services Foster Care family counseling investigates reports of child abuse information on becoming a Foster Parent volunteer opportunities available to help support the agency, children, and their families in the community.
New Beginnings (Essex County)-Boys
Community based group home for foster care boys provides a stable environment to explore personal problems sets realistic educational and employment goals.  Works toward reintegration into the parental home or independent living.
New Beginnings (Essex County)-Girls
Community based group home for foster care girls provides a stable environment to explore personal problems sets realistic educational and employment goals.  Works toward reintegration into the parental home or independent living.
Problem gambling counseling and support individual and group treatment family education and support reference library on problem gambling issues education to youth, professionals, industry, and government about impact of compulsive gambling.  Residential program, which is a pilot program.  Can accommodate up to six persons.
Windsor-Essex County Family YMCA Youth Gambling Program
Prevention and education program designed to reduce the harm associated with youth gambling offers educational workshops for parents, teachers, health professionals, and other organizations that work with youth for age appropriate presentations available for youth offers referrals to gambling treatment services.
The Children’s Health Care Network
Children’s services provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for children with developmental, emotional, behavioural, or psychological problems (i.e. anger, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, depression, OCD, ODD, bi-polar).
Service Coordinators provide support while accessing relevant community agencies for children with developmental delays and/or mental health issues.  Help Link can facilitate access to services outside the community for families who have exhausted all community resources.
Iris Residential Inns and Services
Supportive housing complex 55 residential units for persons with a persistent serious mental illness (PSMI) long-term housing only several units for persons with disabilities tenants control own activities provides medical treatment and vocational opportunities.  Comprehensive rehabilitation and support promotes self respect, courage in a safe environment.
Windsor Regional Hospital
Mental health centre provides counseling for first episode psychosis and schizophrenic patients, and bi-polar disorders.
Schizophrenia Society of Ontario
Support services for families, friends of persons with schizophrenia.  Advocate for improved services hold family support meetings throughout the year.  Offers a lending library and videos (small deposit required).  Open to the public.  Educational materials available free of charge; public speakers available.
House of Sophrosyne – Children’s Programme – Herb Gray Centre
Professionally facilitated supportive and educational program for children who live in an environment with substance abuse.  Weekly meetings include learning about choices and themselves.  Drug and alcohol education for children, coping strategies, and self-confidence.
Drug, alcohol, and self management program for youth for students suspended due to drug or alcohol usage.  Offers crisis counseling sessions.
Recovery Inc.
Offers techniques to regain mental health – without charge – at weekly meetings around the world.  Especially effective for panic attacks.
Drouillard Place
Non-profit centre providing educational and community-based services.  Crisis counseling information and referrals.  Food bank, food coop, support groups, activities, and programs for neighbourhood youth.
Windsor Social Services Department
Child care coordination service helps parents choose the most appropriate child care arrangements.  Oversees the provision of child care subsidies in city-operated child care facilities.  Facilitates financial assistance for parent-regulated and informal child care arrangements.
Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada
– Parent Support – Windsor/Essex County Chapter

1421 Grand Marais Road West
Windsor, ON
Tel. (519) 972-5498     Fax (519) 255-7619
Support group for parents and caregivers of children affected by Tourette syndrome.  Meetings help explore feelings, thoughts, and concerns.  Provides educational information to community groups and schools.
A counseling agency which responds to the needs of adolescents and their families in crisis.
Social and Family Services (Windsor and Essex County)
755 Louis
Windsor, ON
Tel. (519) 255-5200     Fax (519) 255-1503
The program provides financial assistance (general welfare), employment services, subsidized child care services for seniors, etc. to qualified residents of Windsor and Essex County.
Family Respite Services (Windsor/Essex)
This is a community organization that works with families caring for children with disabilities.
The program is a professional counseling service assisting families and individuals with problems related to marriage, parent-child relationships and personal adjustment and self-esteem.
Hiatus House is a social agency for families experiencing domestic violence.  The 24-hour service is operated with professional staff.
Maryvale is a treatment centre providing residential, day, and crisis services for adolescents who are experiencing emotional and behavioral problems and their families.
Registered non-profit agency that offers a summer program for persons with autism or pervasive developmental disorder (PDD).  Provides an Autism Resource Lending Library and free monthly workshops.
Autism Society Ontario Windsor Chapter
Non-profit organization providing services for autistic children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) or Aspergers (PDA), their families and caregivers.  Provides self-help and support and lobbies for improved educational opportunities.
Summit Centre for Preschool Children with Autism
Intensive early intervention services to pre-school children with autism.  One-on-one treatment year-round, divided between home and program site.  Transition plan to other programs once child turns 6 years old.
Windsor Regional Children’s Centre
Neuro Psychology Program offers services to children/youth ages 6 to 17 years.  Autism and related disorders program offers assessments, education, training, etc.
Language instruction for newcomers to Canada.  Focus on communication skills, LINC Literacy 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 levels.  Day and evening classes.
GECDSB – Assessment Centre / English Testing Centre
Language assessment services for new-comers to Canada providing placement in appropriate language programs.
Youth Connection Association for Academic Excellence Inc.
Youth drop-in centre provides life skills training, career planning sessions, mentoring services, leadership training, employment counseling, etc.  After-school tutoring program from SK to grade 11 and ESL classes as required.
John McGivney Centre – Maxilliofacial / Speech Clinic
Diagnostic and consultative assessment – craniofacial abnormalities – rehabilitation services.  Supportive and educational parents group.
Windsor Regional Hospital – Western Campus – Speech Services
Outpatient speech services for dysphasia and/or swallowing problems.
Includes services for voice disorders:  larynx, cysts, polyps, reflux, and papilloma
Windsor Regional Children’s Centre
Neuro Psychology Program offers services to children/youth ages 6 to 17 years.  Autism and related disorders program offers assessments, education, training, etc.