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Greater Essex County District School Board
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Individual Education Plan (IEP)
An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is created for each student who has been identified as exceptional by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) Meeting.  The Greater Essex County District School Board is committed to partnering with parents/guardians in developing plans that will help their children succeed in school.  This individualized plan describes the goals and that the school team has set for the student for the school year, as well as any special supports that are needed to help achieve those goals.
To learn more about the IEP, please look at the following:

The Individual Education Plan (IEP),
A Resource Guide (2004)





An IEP is: 
  • a written plan describing the special education program and/or services required by a particular student, based on a thorough assessment of the student’s strengths and needs  (i.e. strengths and needs that affect the student’s ability to learn and to demonstrate learning);
  • a record of the particular accommodations needed to help the student achieve his or her learning expectations, given the student’s identified learning strengths and needs;
  • a working document that identifies learning expectations that are modified from the expectations for the age-appropriate grade level in a particular subject or course, as outlined in the Ministry of Education’s curriculum policy documents;
  • a working document that identifies alternative expectations, if required, in program areas not represented in the Ontario curriculum;
  • a record of the specific knowledge and skills to be assessed and evaluated for the purpose of reporting student achievement of modified and/or alternative expectations;
  • an accountability tool for the student, the student’s parents, and everyone who has responsibilities under the plan for helping the student meet the stated goals and learning expectations as the student progresses through the Ontario curriculum.
An IEP is not:  
  • a description of everything that will be taught to the student;
  • a list of all the teaching strategies used in regular classroom instruction;
  • a document that records all learning expectations, including those that
  • are not modified from the regular grade level curriculum expectations;
  • a daily lesson plan.