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Do you want to know how much Bauxite Ore you are saving when you recycle a pop can? 
How much energy does it take to make a pop can?
How much carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted?
How many trees are needed to absorb that CO2)?

Download the EcoCalculator and find out!!

EcoCalculator for any computer

​​​​The EcoCalculator in the .exe format can be easily used on any Windows computer.​
  1. ​​​Download
  2. In the File ​Download window click OPEN to unzip the file
  3. Once on your desktop it is ready to use
This version of the EcoCalculator will not insert into your SMARTboard Notebook software.
For your SMARTboard Notebook software, select “EcoCalculator for the SMARTboard”.


EcoCalculator for the Smartboard​​​

​​​This format of the EcoCalculator (swf) can be insetred into your SMART Notebook software using the following steps.

  1. Download
  2. In the File Download window click OPEN to unzip the file
  3. Open your SMART Notebook software
  4. Select Insert from the top menu bar
  5. Select Flash File
  6. Select Open and the EcoCalculator will be inserted into your SMART Notebook file