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From the desk of Stephanie Winbaum, JEAP Coordinator.

The responses to the continued uncertainty, the everyday losses, the unfamiliar demands placed upon people, and the concerns about health and safety have been many.  Should you feel at any time that there may be value in talking to someone about the current situation in which you find yourself, or about a prior situation that was a source of struggle, we at the JEAP office invite you to call or email us to set up a time to talk.

You may email myself, Stephanie at or leave a message on my private voicemail at 519 776 6004  # 3.  I am available Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
You may also email Renu Khosla at or leave a message on her private voicemail at 519 776 6004  # 2. Renu may be reached each work day.
Barbara Gagnier, JEAP Assistant is available Tuesdays and Thursdays to help you access JEAP resources. You may email Barb at

Your health does matter,

Warm regards,

Stephanie ~



April 2021


1.          Pandemic has severely disrupted sleep, increasing stress and medication use.,-Posted%20on%20Tuesday&text=The%20COVID%2D19%20pandemic%20is,further%20dependence%20on%20sleep%20medication.

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Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese.

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Middle Eastern Vegetable Salad.

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March 2021



1.         Why sitting is bad for you.

Retrieved from TED-Ed, Author: Murat Dalkilinc, Educator, March, 2015. ( 6,437,981 views ).


           Sorry, sitting isn't really bad for you.

Retrieved from Mike, Author: Mike Reinold, PT, DPT, Date unknown.


           The beginner's guide to the greatest past times:  Cross-country skiing.

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2.       Over half of Canadians feeling increased stress, anxiety due to COVID-19.

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3.          When Anxiety Doesn't Look Like Anxiety – How to Recognize and Manage Behaviour When Anxiety is the Fuel ( Anxiety in Kids and Teens ).

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4.           11 Ways to Make the Most of an Anti - Inflamatory Diet and a Food List.

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            Recipes with More Vegetables, More Pulses:

Garlic lovers, this super healthy, hearty vegetable stew with herbed baguette is for you.

Retrieved from CBC Life, Author: Dennis The Prescott, Chief, Cookbook Author, Food Photographer, March 01, 2019.

Lentil Soup.

( substitute for "grains of paradise", ground black pepper. )

Retrieved from Food Network, Author: Alton Brown, Date Unknown.


February 2021


1.        Canadian 24 Hour Movement Guideline:  An integration of Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour and Sleep.

Retrieved from CSEP|SCPE, Developed by: Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, The Public Health Agency of Canada, Queen's University and ParticipACTION, October 15, 2020.

2.         7 Keys to Sustainable Resilience

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3.          Healthy Personal Boundaries: 18 Ideas for Conditions of Entry to Your Tribe

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4.           Nutritional Psychiatry: Your brain on food

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            Meatless Super Bowl Recipes (Feb. 07, 2021):         

Loaded Veggie Nachos

Retrieved from Cookie + Kate, Celebrating whole foods, Author: Kate, Date Unknown.


Creamy Avocado Dip

Cookie + Kate, Celebrating whole foods, Author: Kate, Date Unknown.

Easy Vegetarian Chili

Retrieved from Love & Lemons, Author: Jeanine Donfrio, Date Unknown.

January 2021



 1.        The Best Remedy for Insomnia Is The One You Haven't Tried.

Retrieved from Elemental, Author: Markham Heid, December 03, 2020.


2.      Self - Compassion Guided Meditations and Exercises

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3.          The Life Kit Guide To Being Kind - To Others And To Yourself.

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4.           Recipe:  'Oh She Glows', Soul - Soothing African Peanut Stew.

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            Recipe:  'Oh She Glows', One Pot Quinoa and Black Bean Wraps.

Retrieved from Oh She Glows Blog, Author: Angela Liddon, June 29, 2018.


​December 2020

​Note: Please follow the health and safety protocols of the local Public Health officials as well as GECDSB health and safety guidelines and protocols at all times.

1.         All It Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes.

Retrieved from TED Salon London, Speaker: Andy Puddicomb, Fall 2012.

2.       Resilience:  How to Protect and Prepare Your Spirit.

Retrieved from Chopra, Mind - Body Health, Author: Rochelle Williams, November 02, 2020.

3.         Covid – 19: Creative Ways to Stay connected with Loved Ones this Thanksgiving (and other holiday times).

Retrieved from Sunnybrook Hospital, Your Health Matters/ Mental Health, Author: Dr. Carolyn Boulos, October 2, 2020.


4.          Eating During Covid – 19:  Improve Your Mood and Lower Stress.

Retrieved from Harvard Medical School, Harvard Health Blog, Author: Uma Nadine, MD., April 7, 2020.



November 2020


1.         5 Ways To Turn Your Walk Into a Workout.

Retrieved from Henry Ford Health System, Henry Ford Live Well, Author: Nick Parkinson, M.Ed., ATC, TSAC-F, October 05, 2020.


2.         6 Self Care Steps for a Pandemic – Always Important, Now Essential.

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Surviving Tough Times by Building Resilience.

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3.         How to Create Meaningful Connections While Apart.

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4.          10 Best Foods.

Retrieved from Center for Science in the Public Interest, Nutrition Action Health Letter, Contributors: Staff Nutritionists and Scientists, 2020.

October 2020



1.         Flu vs. Covid: What to Know as Flu Season Approaches.

Cleveland Clinic, Health Essentials, Speaker: Dr. Kristin England, Infectious Disease Specialist, August 19, 2020.

Please call your doctor should you have any questions or concerns.

Please follow GECDSB health and safety protocals.

2.        Health and Well Being During Covid-19.

Harvard T.H. Chan, School of Public Health, August 6, 2020.

3.         Coronavirus FAQs:

What Are the New Dating Rules?  And What About Hooking Up?

NPR News, Goats and Soda Section, Stories of Life in a Changing World, Author: Isabella Gomez Sarmiento, September 11, 2020.

4.          Better Brain Health, We Are What We Eat.

DW Documentary, YouTube, 5,212,308 views,, Directed by: Raphael Hitier, March 5, 2020.

September  2020

1.         Pandemic Etiquette:  Navigating Awkward Conversations During Covid - 19​.

Retrieved from One Medical Blog, Author:  Devin Collins, August 13, 2020.

Covid - 19 Etiquette:  6 Common Conundrums.

Retrieved from NPR, Life Kit Newsletter, Author:  Malaka Gharib, August 4, 2020.

2.        8 Breathing Exercises to Try When you Feel Anxious.

Retrieved from Healthline, Author:  Ana Gotter, Medically Reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph.D., April 22, 2019.

3.         Anxiety in Children and Teens:  How to Find Calm and Courage During Anxiety - What all Parents Need to Know.

Retrieved from Hey Sigmund, Author, Karen Young, Ph.D., November, 2018.

4.         Simple Ways to Supercharge Brain Health and Mental Performance.

Retrieved from Hey Sigmund Website, Author:  Karen Young, Ph.D., 2017.


JEAP - We are here and available to you.
The JEAP Office is currently closed for in person meetings but we remain committed to supporting the health and well being of our employees and their family members.

You may phone the JEAP Office at 519 776 6004 and leave a message, or you may email Renu Khosla (Renu.khosla@ or myself (Stephanie.winbaum@ to request a counselling session.  
Barbara Gagnier, the JEAP Assistant,  is available Tuesdays and Thursdays to help you access JEAP resources.  (  


June  2020

1.        What will it take for people to feel safe during Covid-19 reopening?

Retrieved from CBC Online News, Interview: Dr. David Fisman, Professor and Head of Epidemiology, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, May 13, 2020.

2.        Self - Compassion Practices to Deepen Your Resilience.

Retrieved from Mindful....Healthy Mind, Healthy Life, Author: Linda Graham, April 15, 2020.

3.      Thought Clouds and Thought Bubbles - A Video for Kids. (or for parents to communicate to their kids)

Retrieved from Hey Sigmund, Author: Karen Young, Ph.D., 2020.

4.        12 Easy Vegan Snack Ideas.

FANNEtastic Food - Healthy Lifestyle & Recipe Blog, Author: Anne Mauney, Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist,  May 20, 2020.

Warm Regards,


From the desk of Stephanie Winbaum, JEAP Coordinator.​

On Wednesday, March 11th, the Coronavirus was officially declared a pandemic.  On March 14th, schools in the area were ordered closed.
The different responses to the uncertainty and the unfamiliar demands placed upon people around the world have been many. 

Should you feel at any time that there may be value in talking to someone about the current situation in which you find yourself,  or about a prior situation that was a source of struggle, we at JEAP invite you to call or email us to set up a time to 'meet' by phone.

You may contact either Renu Khosla @ Renu.khosla@ or myself, Stephanie Winbaum@
Alternatively, you may leave a message at the JEAP Office for Barb Gagnier, JEAP Assistant, (available Tuesdays and Thursdays) by calling 519 776 6004.


Wellness articles, like the ones you'll find below, are posted at the beginning of each month. They have been selected because they do, in some way, represent issues relevant to many right now.

May  2020

1.        Why Working From Home Is So Exhausting - And How To Reinvigorate.

Retrieved from Forbes online, Careers Section, Author: Tracy Brower, Ph.D., March 30, 2020.

2.        Can the Worst of Times Bring Out the Best in Us?

Retrieved from Psychology Today online, Author: Kristen Lee, Ed.D., LICSW, March 15, 2020.

3.        Life and Love Under Quarantine.

Retrieved from Letters From Esther 9, Esther's Blog - Author: Esther Perel, LMFT, Date Unknown.

4.        Can't help the stress eating?  Here's how to maintain a healthy diet while working from home.

Retrieved from The Globe and Mail online, Health and Fitness Section, Author: Leslie Beck, RD, March 24, 2020.


Your health matters.


Warm Regards,



From the desk of Stephanie Winbaum, JEAP Coordinator​.​


The urgent demands being placed upon us through this public health crisis, are many.
They're new, unfamiliar, unprecedented, and can bring anxiety, sadness, fear and more.

Please know that your JEAP Team continues to be available to you. If you think there may be value in talking to someone during these times, please email Renu at, or myself, at, to set up a time to 'meet' by phone. Barb Gagnier, the JEAP Assistant is also available to help you access JEAP resources.  Barb may be reached at  

Should you want to leave a message at the JEAP Office, please call 519 776 6004.  Barb, Renu and I are checking our emails and phone messages regularly. ​


April  2020

1.        How to Meditate.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the practice of Meditation but would like an introduction to the art.
Meditation is said to reduce stress, increase a sense of calm, provide clarity and can promote happiness.

NewYork Times, Well Section, Author: David Gelles, Date Unknown.

2.        The Coronavirus Hurts Romance, Too.

Stuck at home and going stir crazy?

Psychology Today, Author: Dr. Marianne Brandon, Ph.D., March 20, 2020.

3.        What to Eat to Maintain an Immune System Friendly Diet.

What is fundamental to immune health is a balanced, nutrient packed diet.

The Globe and Mail, Health & Fitness Section, Author: Leslie Beck, RD, March 24, 2020.

4.        Nature, Beauty, Gratitude.

Lest we lose our perspective in these difficult times...a reminder.
I'd like to direct your attention to the words of Benedictine Monk, Brother David Steindt -  Rast in this Ted Talk video.
Please start watching/ listening as the countdown timer hits around 4:25.

TEDX San Francisco, Author: Louie Schwartzberg, June, 2011.

March  2020


1.        March is Liver Health Month.

 We don't often hear much about liver health yet the Canadian Liver Foundation claims that stats suggest 1 in 4 Canadians may be affected by liver disease. – Canadian Liver Foundation, 2017.


2.        Don't Be Fooled by Smoke and Mirrors:  12 Traits of Truly Authentic People.

Psychologist Carl Rogers described the congruent individual as "genuine, real, integrated, whole and transparent," whereas a non-congruent person "tries to impress, play a role, puts up a front and hides behind a facade."

Psychcentral, Author:  Kristi Tackett-Newburg, Ph.D., LIMHP, CPC, March 10, 2018.


3.        International Women's Day.

March 8th is the 'International Women's Day' campaign, celebrated annually.  This year's campaign theme is #EachforEqual. 

"An equal world is an enabled world."

International Women's Day 2020 #EachforEqual, March, 2020.


4.        12 Healthy Foods High in Antioxidants.

Antioxidants help to defend our cells from damage caused by free radicals.  Eating a diet rich in antioxidants can help neutralize free radicals and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Healthline, Author:  Ryan Raman, MS, RD, March 12, 2018.


Feb.  2020  


1.        11 Ways to Stay Active in Winter.

A little planning will help you get through the winter months.

​By:  Heart and Stroke, Health Information Publications, Date Unknown.


2.        Self Care Awareness Month:  The Many Facets of Caring For Ourselves.

The more we talk about self-care and the more we understand it, the more we learn what we need.

Psychcentral, Author:  Margarita Tartakovsky, MS., September 8, 2019.


3.        10 Ways to Build and Preserve Better Boundaries.

Boundaries are essential to healthy relationships.  Having healthy boundaries means knowing and understanding what your limits are.

Psychcentral, Author:  Margarita Tartakovsky MS., October 8, 2018.


4.        The 18 Most Addictive Foods (and the 17 Least Addictive).

Food addiction involves being addicted to food in the same way someone with a substance abuse disorder demonstrates addiction to a particular substance.

Healthline, Author:  Alda Bjarnadottir, MS., LN., reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, PhD., PsyD., December 1, 2019.



Jan.  2020   Welcome Back


1.        12 Science Based Benefits of Meditation.

The popularity of meditation is increasing as more people discover its' benefits.

​Healthline, Author:  Matthew Thorpe, MD, PhD., July 5, 2017.


2.        How to Forgive Yourself.

Making peace and moving forward is often easier said than done.

Healthline, Author:  Sara Lindberg, Medically Reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, PhD, PsyD,

July 24, 2018.


3.        How to Stop Yourself from "Losing It" with Your Partner.

We all have those moments of frustration with our partner that lead us to act in ways we may later regret.

Psych Alive, Author:  Lisa Firestone, Ph.D., November, 2019.


4.        7 Foods to Help Boost Your Sex Life.

Having a healthy sex drive is linked to feeling physically and emotionally healthy.  So, it is no surprise that food can play a role in helping you to get your groove back.

Healthline, Author:  Erica Roth and Rena Goldman, Medically Reviewed by Debra Rose Wilson, PhD, MSN, RN, IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT, December 8, 2016.



Dec.  2019


1.        7 Morning Stretches to Start Your Day.

Including some stretching in your daily morning routine can help to energize you for the day.

Healthline, Author:  Gretchen Stelter, Medically reviewed by Peggy Pletcher, MS, RD, CDE, August 1, 2016.


2.        A Guide to Burnout.

Coined by the psychologist Herbert Freudenberger in the 1970s, Burnout describes a stress condition that can lead to severe physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.  Much worse than ordinary fatigue, burnout makes it challenging for people to cope with stress and to handle day to day responsibilities.

Healthline, Author:  Juli Fraga, PhD., PsyD., October 08, 2018.


3.        Domestic Violence Warning Signs for the Workplace – Make It Our Business.

November has come and gone but…November was National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the information included in this article warrants some awareness or attention.

Western Centre for Resources & Education on Violence Against Women & Children, 2019.


4.        17 Healthy and Delicious Alternatives to Candy.

If you're craving holiday sweets but want to stick to a balanced and healthy diet, there are plenty of treats you can indulge in instead of processed treats.

Healthline, Author:  Ariane Lang, BSc., MBA, September 18, 2019.


5.        How To Deal With Grief During the Holidays.

While many are preparing for the holidays with joy and excitement, some experience these preparations and the holidays themselves, as painful reminders of the loss of loved ones.

Psychology Today, Author: Amy Morin, December 15, 2015.


6.        8 Tips For Supporting A Grieving Friend This Holiday.

WYG,  Whats Your Grief Blog, December, 2018.


Barb, Renu and I wish you peace, good health, kindness shared and a host of meaningful experiences with those who mean the most to you. 


​Note:  During the holidays, the following are available for support, direction or intervention for those experiencing acute mental health concerns.

The Community Crisis Phone Line of Windsor-Essex County at 519-973-4435.

Walk in Crisis Service 736-744 Ouellette Ave., Windsor, 7 days/week, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. for acute psycho-social problems.

Emergency Departments of local hospitals.



Nov.  2019


#1       Flu or Cold Symptoms?

It's Flu Season again.  In reviewing this article you'll be reminded re. how to determine whether you or someone you care about might be suffering from a cold or from the flu.  Please also note the response to the question asked, "Can I prevent flu or cold symptoms?"

​WebMD, Reviewed by:  Carol DerSarkissian, November 28, 2018.


#2       The Benefits of Journaling for Stress Management.

Very Well Mind, Author:  Elizabeth Scott, MS, Updated, September 05, 2019.


#3       Being a Stepparent:  What You Need to Know to Make It Work.

Hey, Sigmund, Author:  Karen Young, PhD, 2019.


#4       17 Creative Ways to Eat More Vegetables.

Vegetables are rich in nutrients and antioxidants and boost your health and help fight off disease.

Healthline, Author:  Brianna Elliot, RD, June 08, 2017.



October  2019


#1a     Should You Do a Breast Self-Exam.

October is Breast Health Month. 

Included in this article is a how to guide on how to do a breast self-exam.​

​WebMD, Reviewed by: Traci C. Johnson, MD., July 03, 2018.


#1b     How to Do a Male Breast Self Exam. (MBSE)

While not talked about as often, male breast cancer does happen.  Please find this step by step guide to check for breast health.

Very Well, Author:  Pam Stephan, Medically reviewed by a Board Certified Physician, April 18, 2018.


#2       Meditations to Use for Stress Relief.

Meditation can have a positive effect on those experiencing stress reactions.  Included in this article are meditations thought to be effective and enjoyable for stress relief.

Very Well Mind, Author:  Elizabeth Scott, MS., Updated, August 11, 2019.


#3       10 Ways to Build and Preserve Better Boundaries.

Consider what you can tolerate and accept in your relationship with others, and what makes you feel uncomfortable or stressed.  Having healthy boundaries means "knowing and understanding what your limits are."  (Dr. Dana Gionta)

Psych Central, Author:  Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S., Last updated October 8, 2018.


#4       Nine diet mistakes that are making you tired.

The Globe and Mail online, Author:  Leslie Beck RD, Updated May 15, 2018.



September  2019​

A brand new school year with brand new opportunities...

Welcome back!


#1       The New Science of Sleep.

Some new perspectives re. the science of sleep and insomnia.

Psychology Today, Author:  Holly Pevzner, May 7, 2019.


#2       Challenging Negative Self-Talk.

If  you recognize that your current way of thinking might be self-defeating at times, it may motivate you to look at things from a different perspective.

PsychCentral, Author:  Ben Martin, Psy.D., October 8, 2018.


#3       10 Truths to Keep Your Relationship Healthy.

It has been said that couples who practise these techniques have a good chance at having a  longer and stronger relationship.  While this online article is old, much of the wisdom contained in it is still worthy of consideration.

Psychology Today, Author:  Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., July 11, 2011.


#4       Nutritional Psychiatry:  How Diet Impacts Your Mood.

Nutritional psychiatry researchers are working to clarify the connection between what we eat and how we think, act and feel.

PSYCOM, Author:  Susan McQuillan, MS, RDN.


On a Lighter Note:

The 3 A's of Awesome.

Neil Pasticha has a good story to tell.  A self-described "average guy" he realized that he was overwhelmed by life's circumstances, so he started consciously thinking about any positive thing he could find – no matter how small.  He is now thought to be one of the world's leading authorities on happiness and positivity.

TED Talks, Ted x Toronto, Speaker: Neil Pasticha, September 2010, (3,086,591 views)



June  2019


#1       How to Calm Down When You're Stressed.

While many of us are becoming much better at identifying what can trigger us to feel stressed, we're not always that great at recognizing our individual thresholds.

Lifehack, Author:  Helen D'Silva, Psychologist, April 15, 2019.


#2       5 Strengthening Exercises for Lower Back Pain.

Research has shown that strengthening exercises can be beneficial in treating lower back pain.

Health Line, Author:  Natasha Freutel, O.T., Wellness Coach, Medically Reviewed by Daniel Bubnis, MS, NASM-CPT, NASE Level II – CSS, specialty in fitness, April 30, 2019.


#3       The Secret to Avoiding Arguments with Difficult People.

Managing the difficult personality requires care and specific strategies.

Psychology Today Online, Author:  Seth Myers, PsyD., May 08, 2019.


#4       11 Reasons why Berries are Among the Healthiest Foods on Earth.

Health Line, Author:  Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE, November 7, 2016.


            Walnuts 101: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits.

Health Line, Author:  Atli Arnarson, PhD., March 26, 2019.


On Another Note:

The JEAP Counselling Office will be open and available to you during the summer months.

Should you think there may be value in seeking out confidential assistance or support, please email or phone the JEAP office at 519 776 6004.

The JEAP staff, Barb Gagnier, Renu Khosla and myself, wish you a safe, healthy and enjoyable summer with those who mean the most to you.


May  2019


#1       5 Chronic Pain Triggers to Avoid.

The following article reviews some of the conditions that trigger flare-ups for those with chronic pain conditions.

Everyday Health, Author:  Kathleen Doheny, Medically Reviewed by Alexa Meara, MD., 2019.


#2       A Toxic Brew.

It is said in this article, that the adult children of alcoholism may carry the trauma of their family life with an alcoholic parent, throughout their lives.

Psychology Today, Author:  Pamela Weintraub, Last reviewed June 9th, 2016.


#3       10 Things You Should Not Give Up For a Relationship.

Lifehack., Author:  Mandy Kloppers, PhD., March 28, 2019.


#4       7 Foods That Help Fight Pain.

Everyday Health, Author:  Madeline R. Vann, MPH, Medically Reviewed by Niya Jones, MD., MPH., 2019.


On a Lighter Note:

How to Make Your Phone Limit Your Screen Time for You.

New York Times, Smarter Living Section, Author:  Eric Ravenscraft, April 1, 2019.

Jolie Kerr on Cleaning Tips.

The Washington Post, Author:  Jura Koncius, Staff Writer, with Jolie Kerr, Cleaning Expert, Author of the Column, Ask a Clean Person, and Author of the book, My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag….and Other Things You Can't Ask Martha Stewart.



Apr.  2019


#1       Amazing Benefits of Exercise.

Research tells us that exercise supports physical, mental and emotional health.  As well, it is said to boost brain power, your sexual life, your ability to sleep, and reduces cancer risk and more.

Everyday Health, Author:  Kristen Stewart, Medically Reviewed by Samuel MacKenzie MD, PhD., Date Unknown.


#2       The Science of Gratitude – How it Changes People, Relationships (and Brains!) and How to Make it Work for You.

Gratitude involves noticing the goodness in the world, but it doesn't mean being blind to the tough stuff.

Hey Sigmund, Author:  Karen Young, Psychologist, Date Unknown.


#3       18 Communication Tips for Couples.

While there are several factors that contribute to the success of a marriage or long-term partnership, communication skills, or lack thereof, can either help or hinder one's prospects.

Healthy Psych., Author:  Kim Pratt, LCSW, January 14, 2014.


#4       7 Science Based Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water.

It is commonly recommended that we drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day.  Although there is little science behind this specific rule, staying hydrated is important.

Healthline, Author:  Joe Leech, MS., June 4, 2017.


On a Lighter Note:

"Best Countries" List of 2019. 

Canada ranks #1 in "Quality of Life" category and #3 in "Best Country" category in a global report that ranks best countries in the world.

CTV News, U.S. News and World Report's 2019 Best Country Report, Produced by: BAV Group and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, January 23, 2019.​


Mar.  2019


#1       A Guide to Sleep Apnea?

Is there any chance you may be suffering from sleep apnea?

New York Times, Well Guides, Author:  Anahad O'Connor, February, 2019.


#2       Developing Resilience.

Even if you're not a naturally resilient person, you can learn to develop a resilient mindset and attitude.

Mind Tools, Author:  The Mind Tools Content Team, Date Unknown.


#3       What You Need to Know About Emotional Affairs.

While there are those who believe an emotional affair is harmless, most marriage experts view an emotional affair as cheating without having a sexual relationship.

Very Well Mind, Author:  Sheri Stritof, November 29, 2018.


#4       4 Vegetables to Add to Your Winter Diet.

Author:  Leslie Beck, R.D., January 29, 2019.


​On a Lighter Note:

Do Not Disturb:  How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain. 

His name is Kevin and he has a phone problem…

New York Times, Business Section, Author:  Kevin Rose, February 23, 2019.


Feb.  2019


#1       How To Calm Your Racing Mind So You Can Sleep.

Because we understand now how important a restorative sleep is to our health and well being, the points or questions identified in this article bear repeating for those having difficulty drifting off to sleep.  If your difficulties with falling asleep do not respond to suggestions like the ones identified in this article, please do talk to your doctor about it.

Psychology Today, Author:  Dr. Susan Biali, January 14, 2019.


#2       Anger Management for Stress Relief.

A few items for your consideration, should you find that anger and stress continue to undermine your well being.

Very Well Mind, Author:  Elizabeth Scott, MS., January 6, 2018.


#3       8 Things the Most Toxic People in Your Life Have in Common.

The author in this general overview makes some interesting points re. how difficult and draining toxic people can be in a relationship.

Psychology Today, Author:  Abigail Brenner M.D., August 29, 2016.


#4       Canada's Food Guide:  Food Guide Snapshot.

Canada's Food Guide, Food Guide Snapshot, PDF Version Government of Canada, January 19, 2019.


On a Lighter Note:

How Long Do Fresh Vegetables Last?

Eat By Date, Resources:  United States Department of Agriculture, United States Food & Drug Administration, on line articles and reports related to food safety, food storage and the shelf life of vegetables.

Note:  Readers are asked to remember that "individual cases will vary" and that "our advice should only be taken as an opinion and not a replacement for your health care professional." 


Jan.  2019


#1       10 Exercises to Tone Every Inch of Your Body.

​Healthline, Author:  Nicole Davis, Medically Reviewed by Daniel Bubnis, MS, NASM – CPT, NASE Level 11-CSS, May 4, 2018.


#2       Emotional Signs of Too Much Stress.

The holidays are over, people have returned to work and usual routines are back in order.  It may be helpful to review the signs of stress should they appear, so that they may be managed successfully.

Healthline, Author: Eleesha Lockett, Medically Reviewed by Dillon Browne, PhD, August 21, 2018.


#3       How to Identify and Cope with Emotional Abuse.

Emotional abuse in our relationships with others is one of the hardest forms of abuse to recognize.  It can be subtle and insidious or overt and manipulative.  Either way, it chips away at the victim's self-esteem and they begin to doubt their perceptions and reality.

Very Well Mind, Author:  Sherri Gordon, September 20, 2018.


#4       10 Anti-Aging Foods to Support Your 40s-and-Beyond Body.

You don't need to be 40 years old or beyond to enjoy the nutritional and anti-aging benefits of the foods identified in this article.

Healthline, Author:  Nathalie Rhone, MS, RDN, CDN, Medically reviewed by Natalie Olsen, RD, LD, ACSM EP-C, May 8, 2018.


On a Lighter Note:

How meditation impacts the way we learn.

Medical News Today, Author:  Maria Cohut, Fact checked by Jasmin Collier, December 15, 2018.​



 Dec.  2018


#1       Flu Symptoms & Complications.

The flu season has officially begun.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has outlined here, the differences between a cold and the flu.  Also outlined in this article is a list of those most at risk for developing serious flu related complications and the emergency warning signs to be aware of, should the worse happen to you or to someone you love.

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Author: National Centre for Immunization and Respiratory Distress, (NCRID), September 18, 2018.


#2       Holiday Survival Strategies for Coping with Grief.

Grief over the loss of a loved one can be a time of sadness, pain, anger or dread around the holidays. (click print)

Very Well Health, Author:  Angela Morrow R.N., September 18, 2018.

            Coping with Grief and Loss During the Holidays.

Grief is not a tidy, orderly process, and there is no right way to grieve.  Every person and every family does it differently.  In this article, you will find some recommended strategies that may help you or someone you know who is grieving, to cope with or manage the difficult feelings oftentimes experienced during the holiday season.

Harvard Mental Health Letter, Harvard Health Publishing, Author:  Anthony Komaroff, M.D., December 01, 2017


#3       10 Ways to Nurture Your Relationship.

Romantic and/or marital relationships need the care and nurturing of two adults giving to each other in a way that creates a mutually beneficial connection.

Psychology Today, Author:  Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D, July 28, 2011.


4.        Nutrient Deficiencies That Are Incredibly Common.

Many nutrients are absolutely essential for good health.  It is possible to get most of the nutrients we need from a balanced, real food diet.  Modern diets however, sometimes lack several important nutrients and nutritional deficiencies have the potential to negatively impact both physical and emotional well-being.

Health Line Newsletter, Author:  Adda Bjarnadottir, MS, October 6, 2015.


On a Lighter Note:

141 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes for Work.

New York Times, Author:  Catherine Price, February 13, 2018.


Renu, Barb and I at the JEAP office wish every one of you a meaningful, safe and healthy holiday season.  May you spend your days with those who mean the most to you, in kindness.




Nov.  2018


#1       Your Lifetime Health Checkup Roadmap.

Many of the leading killers of Americans (and everyone else) are chronic diseases that could be prevented with healthy habits, like a good diet and plenty of exercise.  There is a key part of prevention however, that should not be overlooked….routine screening exams.

​The New York Times, Smarter Living Section, Author:  Anahad O'Connor, October 1, 2018.


​#2       13 Benefits of Yoga That Are Supported by Science.

Yoga incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and poses designed to encourage relaxation.  Practising yoga is said to come with many benefits for both mental and physical health, though not all benefits have been backed by science.

Healthline, Author:  Rachael Link, MS, RD, August 30, 2017.


#3       10 Signs of an Emotionally Unavailable Partner.

If you've ever been in a relationship with someone who is emotionally unavailable, you know the pain of not being able to get close to the one you love.

Psychology Today, Author:  Darlene Lancer, JD, LMFT, March 20, 2018.


#4       The Top 9 Nuts to Eat for Better Health.

With good sources of protein, fibre, healthy fats and a number of vitamins and minerals, nuts can serve not only as a delicious snack but can also provide significant health benefits.

Healthline, Author:  Ruairi Robertson, PhD., September 26, 2018.


On a Lighter Note:

How to Break Up With Your Phone.

New York Times, Author:  Catherine Price, February 13, 2018.


October 2018


#1(a)  10 Reasons Your Partner Hasn't Told You About Their STD.

Anxious? Some people do not know they have an STD and so, don't talk about safe sex with their partner.  Some know they have an STD they can pass on to their partner, but do not or will not tell for any number of reasons.  Your health, your well being is your responsibility.  Please be aware with a new partner.

​Very Well Health, Author:  Elizabeth Boskey, PhD., Reviewed by Susan Olender, M.D., Updated June 12, 2017.

#1(b)  Struggling With the Safe Sex Talk?  Try This Script.

How to talk about Safe Sex with a new partner.

Very Well Health, Author:  Elizabeth Boskey, PhD., Reviewed by Richard N. Fogoros, M.D., Updated June 12, 2017.


#2       Stress Literally Shrinks Your Brain (7 Ways to Reverse This Effect)

We all know that living under stressful conditions has serious emotional, even physical consequence.  So why do we have so much trouble taking action to reduce our stress levels and improve our lives?

Huffpost Endeavor, Author:  Dr. Travis Bradberry, August 08, 2016.


#3       Can Your Marriage Survive Infidelity?

It's no surprise that many couples internally ask the question, "How would I cope?" with such a situation.  It's particularly common to also wonder if your own marriage could survive such a serious betrayal.

Very Well Mind, Author:  Sheri Stritof, Updated May 23, 2018.


#4       50 Foods That Are Super Healthy

Eating healthy does not have to be boring.  There is a massive amount of food out there that are both healthy and tasty.

Healthline, Author:  Kris Gunnars, BSc, August 18, 2016.


On a (not so) Lighter Note:

What is Self-Compassion and Self Love?

Positive Psychology Program, Author:  Courtney Ackerman, 2018.


September 2018


#1       15 Ways to Calm Yourself Down.

The first couple of weeks back to school can prove to be a stressful time, both personally and professionally.  A reminder of some of the strategies that may help when you're feeling stressed and feel the need to calm yourself.

Healthline, Author:  Sara Lindberg, medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, PhD., PsyD., CRND, ACRN. CPH, May 1, 2018.


#2       24 Important Things Life Has Taught Me.

Consider the following…a list from noted author and leadership expert, Robin Sharma, whose work has been "embraced by rock stars, royalty, billionaires and many celebrity CEOs."  You may  find a couple of these inspiring or motivating.

 (Please scroll down to #1), Articles, Author:  Robin Sharma, 2018.


#3       How To Apologize More Sincerely.

Apologies matter.  Here's how to give a good one.

VeryWell Mind, Author:  Elizabeth Scott, M.S., Updated February 13, 2018.


#4       35 Quick and Healthy Low-Calorie Lunches.

It's back to school time.  Here are 35 lunch ideas that are 400 calories or less and can be made in no time.  Each meal listed includes an optional side snack.  Can you find a couple of ideas here you and/or your family might enjoy and that you can feel good about?

Greatest Newsletter, Author:  Laura Schwecherl, 2018.


On a Lighter Note:

Try Something New for 30 Days.

Is there something you've always meant to do, wanted to do, but just haven't?  This short lighthearted talk offers an interesting way to think about getting and achieving goals.

TED Talks, Speaker:  Matt Cutts, Google Engineer, March, 2011



June  2018


#1       What is Box Breathing?

Anxious? Feeling tightly wound?  Try this…it does work and you can do it anywhere.

Medical News Today, Author:  Adrienne Stinson, Reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, PhD., CRNP., May 14, 2018.


#2       Do You Have Mild, Low-Grade Depression?  How to Diagnose Persistent Depressive Disorder, or Dysthymia.

Some people have experienced "low mood" for so long that it simply feels normal to them.

Very Well Mind, Author:  Nancy Schimelpfening, Reviewed by Steven Gans, M.D., April 21, 2018.


#3       Toxic Relationships.

Healthy relationships contribute to our self-esteem and emotional energy.  Toxic relationships damage self-esteem and drain energy.

(Please scroll way down to access article)

Help Health Scope, Author:  Thomas L. Cory, PhD..


#4       What Are Superfoods?

Scientists do not use the term "superfoods" but generally, superfoods are foods thought to be nutritionally dense and thus good for one's health.

Live Science, Author:  Christopher Wanjek, Masters of Health, Health and Science Writer, May 11, 2015.


On a Lighter Note:

What Makes A Good Life?  Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness.

The director of a 75 year old study on adult development, shares three important lessons learned on how to build a fulfilling long life.

TED Talks, Ideas Worth Spreading, Speaker:  Robert Waldinger, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, Zen Priest, November, 2015.


Barb, Renu and I at the JEAP office are wishing you a healthy, safe and enjoyable summer.  We hope your summer will turn out to be everything you hope it will be.

​Please note that the JEAP office will be open throughout the summer months.


May  2018


#1       The Top 10 Benefits of Regular Exercise:

Exercise offers incredible benefits that can improve nearly every aspect of your health from the inside out.  While most of us are aware that regular exercise is and has been recommended for good health, some of the possible benefits identified in this article may surprise you.

Healthline, Author:  Arlene Semeco, MS, RD, February 2017.


#2       When It comes to Antidepressants, Getting to Zero Proves Difficult:

Only now are researchers beginning to gather basic data on the number of antidepressant users who have immense difficulty quitting (medication) therapy.  There are many questions that must be both asked and answered.

Included at the end of this post, is a link to another article that appeared in the New York Times on this subject as well.

CBC, Author:  Dr. Brian Goldman, April 16, 2018.

New York Times, Health Section, Authors: Benedict Carey and Robert Gebeloff, April 7, 2018.


#3       Helping Someone Who's Grieving: 

Supporting a Friend or Loved One Through Bereavement, Grief and Loss.

When someone you care about is grieving after a loss, it can be difficult to know what to say or do.  While you can't take away the intense pain of loss, there are many ways to show someone who's grieving how much you care and how you may begin to help them through this difficult time.

Help Guide.Org., Consumer Health Publishing Division of Harvard Medical School, Authors:  Melinda Smith M.A., Lawrence Robinson, and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D..  Last updated, March, 2018.


#4       The Keys to Maintaining a Healthy Gut:

We're learning that gut health is closely tied to different aspects of our physical and mental health and well being.

CBC Life, Author:  Christy Brissette, RD, November 10, 2017.


On a Lighter Note:

Avoid These 5 Things that Guarantee a Miserable Life:

Billionaire Charlie Munger, the vice chairman of the investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, and partner to Warren Buffet, has long been regarded as a source of wisdom.  In 1986, a then 62 year old Munger was selected to speak at Harvard-Westlake, a private Los Angeles based Secondary School where he has been a long time trustee.

CNBC, Posted by:  Ruth Umoh, April 19, 2018.​




April 2018


#1       What percentage of our brain do we use?: 

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body.  A person's brain determines how they experience the world around them.  Many believe that a person only ever uses 10 percent of their brain.  Is there any truth to this?

Medical News Today, Author:  Lana Burgess, Reviewed by Daniel Murell, MD., February 27, 2018.


#2       Generalized Anxiety Disorder:  When Worry Gets Out of Control

Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life.  You might worry about things like health, money or family problems.  People with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) feel extremely worried or feel nervous about these and other things – even when there is little or no reason to worry about them.  People with GAD find it difficult to control their anxiety and stay focused on daily tasks.  The good news is that GAD is treatable.

The National Institute of Mental Health, Health Publications.


#3       The Love Is There.  The Sex Is Not:  (Well, Only Once a Month.)

From an Advice Column/Podcast, "Dear Sugars" found in the New York Times.  Please note the 'advice' provided is not from health/mental health professionals.

Dear Sugars,

My partner and I have been together for three years.  She's 37, I'm 32 (and male).  We've had our ups and downs, but the longer we've been together, the stronger our relationship becomes.  We support one another and share a lot of sweetness.  The problem is our sex.  Our libidos are mismatched…

The New York Times, Dear Sugars Advice Column/Podcast, Hosts:  Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed, September 12, 2017.


#4       18 Healthy Foods to Eat When Cravings Strike: 

It is thought that around 50% of people regularly experience food cravings, which have the potential to derail their attempts to eat healthy.  This article details 18 healthy foods that can satisfy your urge to eat without sabotaging your desire to eat healthy.

​Health Line Newsletter, Author:  Helen West, RD, CDE, March 13, 2017.


On a Lighter Note:

All it takes is 10 mindful minutes.

When was the last time you did absolutely nothing for 10 whole minutes?  Not texting, talking or even thinking?  Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe describes the transformative power of doing just that:  Refreshing your mind for 10 minutes a day, simply by being mindful and experiencing the present moment.  (No need for incense or sitting in uncomfortable positions.)

TED Talk, Andy Puddicombe, Mindfulness Expert, January 11, 2013.


March 2018


#1       Symptoms of a Heart Attack in Men and in Women: 

February is Heart Health month.  Learn to recognize the early symptoms of a heart attack in both men and women….if not for yourself, then for someone you care about.  Scientists have learned that heart attack symptoms aren't always  clear-cut.  Symptoms may show up in a variety of ways and can depend on a number of factors.

Healthline, Medically reviewed by Elaine K. Luo MD,  January 23, 2018.


#2       How Can I Control My Anger?: 

Anger is a normal human emotion, but when it gets out of control it can become destructive, leading to serious problems at work and in personal relationships.  It can undermine a person's quality of life.

Medical News Today, Author:  Christian Nordqvist,  Reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, PhD., CRNP, October, 2016.


#3       Patti Lovett-Reid:  How to Avoid Letting Money Ruin Your Relationship: 

Talking to your partner about your financial matters can be difficult – especially when you don't see eye to eye.  Kelly Keehn, Personal Finance Educator, lays out a six step conversation to help couples get on the same page.

BNN, Author:  Pattie Lovett-Reid, Chief Financial Commentator, February 2, 2018.


#4       13 Most Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Can Eat: 

Chronic inflammation can lead to weight gain and disease.  Stress, unhealthy inflammatory foods and low activity levels can make this risk even worse.  Here is a list of 13 anti-inflammatory foods that are supported by science.

Healthline, Author:  Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE, June, 2017.


On a Lighter Note:

YouTube, Fresh Guacomoli by PES.

 Academy Award Nominee, Best Animated Short Film, 2013


February 2018


#1       Influenza:  If you are feeling sick you may be confused about the cause. 

Many symptoms of the common cold are similar to those of the seasonal flu.  Use this chart to help tell the difference.

Author:  The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 2018.


#2       Narcissistic Personality Disorder:  Tips for spotting and coping with a Narcissist.

Are you in a frustrating relationship with someone who expects constant attention and admiration, but doesn't seem to be able to take your needs and feelings into consideration?

Someone who thinks they are better than everyone else and should be treated accordingly?

Someone who dishes out insults and condescension, but flies off the handle at the slightest disagreement or whiff of criticism?

If so, you may be dealing with a Narcissist.

Help Guide.Org, Author:  Melinda Smith, M.A. Last updated: October 2017.


#3       50 Characteristics of Healthy Relationships:  What you know and like about your  partner should tell you a lot.

Psychology Today, Author:  Alice Boyes  Ph.D. , January 22, 2013.


#4       Inside the Big Revamp of Canada's Food Guide:  Seventy-five years after the country's official nutrition guide made its debut, Ottawa is hard at work on a new version.   Ann Hui writes:  Health Canada faces a tremendous task in their first update since 2007.  Addressing concerns from experts who feel the document is dated, while calming the industries that will be affected most.

The Globe and Mail, July 18, 2017.