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Greater Essex County District School Board
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Change Your Future


An innovative education support program designed to increase the odds for racialized youth. 

What is the Change Your Future Program?

 The CYF Program helps racialized students to progress through school, and overcome the challenges they face in the education system. The program is a run by a CYF counsellor who provides support on a day-to-day basis in their secondary school. Currently the CYF program operates at Westview Freedom Academy ,W.F. Herman Secondary School, Kennedy Collegiate Institute and Walkerville Collegiate Institute.

Interventions in each program are tailored for each student's individual needs, and include such things as:   

‚ÄčCounselling ‚ÄčTutoring
‚ÄčCommunity involvement and field trips ‚ÄčCareer guidance and planning
‚ÄčMonthly group and regular one-on-one meetings ‚ÄčHelp with resumes and finding a job


An evidence-based program


A number of respected studies have been unanimous in recognizing that there was a disproportionate dropout rate among a significant section of our population--minority youth. They found that: 

  1. Many minority youth feel alienated from the education system because their experiences with racism have eroded their self-confidence, self esteem and motivation
  2. Guidance programs in schools focus on meeting the needs of all students, but students who belong to visible minority groups need special interventions appropriate to their needs
  3. Addressing these needs has shown that these students have the ability to succeed
  4. Students at risk generally want to do well in school and, given the chance, express a desire to develop their self-confidence in order to be motivated about school and to achieve their full potential (Newton et al, 1992)

The CYF program helps students to: 


‚ÄčSet goals ‚ÄčAchieve personal growth ‚ÄčRealize their full potential ‚ÄčIdentify appropriate career options ‚ÄčAchieve academic growth ‚ÄčDevelop job search and interview skills




By focusing on skill development and acquisition in the following areas: 

‚ÄčSelf awareness Academic Development‚Äč Personal & Social development‚Äč ‚ÄčWork & employability skills
‚ÄčSelf esteem building ‚ÄčOrganizational skills

‚ÄčAnti-racism strategies

‚ÄčJob search skills & strategies
‚ÄčGoal setting ‚ÄčTime management ‚ÄčPositive conflict resolution ‚ÄčCareer planning


The program works because it helps to build meaningful relationships and provide young people with the time, attention and counselling that they might need to develop the skills necessary for contributing meaningfully to society. 

For more information about the Change Your Future Program or to inquire about getting the program into your secondary school, please contact:
Rachel Olivero‚Äč
‚ÄčEquity and Inclusion Officer
‚ÄčGreater Essex County District School
‚Äč(519)255-3200 Ext. 10213