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Greater Essex County District School Board
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Mathify - Online Math Tutoring

The TVO Mathify Online Tutoring Program

TVO Mathify is a free resource that GECDSB students can access to receive help with their math homework. This online tutoring is provided by Ontario Certified Teachers who specialize in teaching Mathematics.

Students will be able to login to Mathify and access a variety of resources including:

  • Free math tutoring
  • Ask a Teacher shared whiteboards
  • Listen and Learn presentations with certified teachers
  • Interactive Tutorials
  • Research databases
  • Scientific Calculator with tutorials
  • Virtual Seminars

When Are Tutors Available?

Tutors are available online Monday-Friday from 9am-9pm ET, and Sundays from 3:30-9:30pm ET.


Student Registrations for TVO Mathify

Students should follow the instructions outlined in the instructions below in order to access or register for their Mathify student accounts.

TVO Mathify - Login and Registration Instructions

Login Instructions

Mathify can be accessed through Brightspace (D2L) using your board provided Office 365 login and password. Follow the steps below:

Login to your Brightspace student account using your existing GECDSB credentials.  Navigate to the website. 


Scroll down and select the "D2L | Brightspace" icon.


Login using your board provided Office 365 username and password.


Click the TVO Resources icon in the top navigation bar.


Select the TVO Mathify icon.


You will be logged into Mathify and can now choose a tutor, browse question banks, or open a whiteboard and upload your own question to get support with.Login6.JPG

Haven't Registered Before?

The registration process is the exact same as above, but you will need to add a few more pieces of information. When you click the TVO Mathify icon, the registration page will open and pull in all necessary information. This includes the student username (student number), email, and Ontario Education Number (OEN).

Once you are taken to the Mathify registration page, you can:
  • Create a password
  • Select your grade
  • Select your school board
  • Check off the second box "I agree" after reading the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Click "Next"
Select three security questions and answers. Then, click "Create Account"

What Do I Do Now?

Login to Brightspace to access TVO Mathify and get the support you need in your grade 6-11 math class! 

In order to access the online tutoring service each student's Ontario Education Number, Birth Date, Grade and Math Course Code will be sent electronically to TVO.
If you do not want your son/daughter's information to be sent to the TVO please contact [email protected].