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The Pluralist Anthology

​​Welcome to The Pluralist!​ 

The Pluralist writing and arts anthology is a flagship publication of the GECDSB.  The anthology was first published in 1989 in the Essex County Board of Education. Publication continued after amalgamation with the Windsor Board of Education in 1999. The poetry, prose and art work are generated by students from public secondary schools in the GECDSB. The first purpose of the Pluralist is to reflect our students’ diverse abilities, thoughts and experiences. Secondly, it is a homegrown resource giving teachers exemplars they can use in their classes as they work through the writing and illustrating processes. A third intent is to encourage student and teacher involvement in authentic publishing experiences beyond the walls of our schools. You will undoubtedly marvel at the added dimension provided by the talented visual art students who may have never met the authors of the pieces which they have illustrated.

Pluralist 2019 coverCurrent Edition:    

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Previous Editions

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Pluralist 2014
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Pluralist Contest

To enter the Pluralist contest, please contact your English or Visual Arts teacher for more information. All entry forms are located below:


2016 Writing Contest Entry Forms2016 Cover Art Contest Forms

Creative Writing ContestPoster 1b.pdfCreative Writing ContestPoster 1b.pdf

The Pluralist 2016 Writing Entry Form.pdfThe Pluralist 2016 Writing Entry Form.pdf

 2016 Art Contest Poster.pdf2016 Art Contest Poster.pdf

The Pluralist 2016 Art Entry Form.pdf The Pluralist 2016 Art Entry Form.pdf

Release Form Students No Dates.pdfRelease Form Students No Dates.pdf​