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Apprentice Researcher


Stage 1     Exploring

‚ÄčInitiating Inquiry
Am I prepared to begin my research?‚Äč

What do I have to do: presentation, report or project?

How will I present the final product?

Who is my audience?

How will it be evaluated?

When is it due?


Preparing for Reaserch Checklist


iThink Interactive Research Tutor‚Äč

‚ÄčChoos‚Äčing a Topic

What is my topic?

Have I brainstormed my ideas?

Do I have a focus?

Have I listed my topics and subtopics?

Have I shared my ideas with others?


What do I already know about the topic?

What do I want to find out?

Where will I look for information?

Have I discussed my research plans with my teacher, teacher librarian, parents and peers?




Mind Map.pdfMind Map.pdf


KWL Chart.pdfKWL Chart.pdf

Visual Word  - this site can help you with ideas and connections about your topic


Learning Log.docLearning Log.doc

‚ÄčDeveloping Questions

Have I developed one or more good research questions?


Blooms Taxonomy Question Starters

Blooms  Taxonomy Starters.pdfBlooms Taxonomy Starters.pdf

Mapping the 5 Ws and H Junior Template 2.docMapping the 5 Ws and H Junior Template 2.doc‚Äč‚Äč


 Stage 2       Investigating

‚ÄčDesigning the Plan

Do I know where to find information to answer my questions?
Have I considered a variety of resources (books, magazines, web sites, people, newspapers, etc.)?

Have I used Destiny to locate non-fiction resources in my school library?

Have I accessed other links from the Virtual Library related to my research?

Have I developed keywords to search all resources such as the databases (eLibrary, Grolier) and ebooks?
How to Search

Research Strategy Online Tool‚Äč‚Äč

Selecting the Information

Have I looked through different resources to get an overview?

Have I found enough useful resources?

Have I picked the best resources for my topic?

Have I looked at tables of contents, indexes and summaries in my non-fiction print resources?

Have I skimmed and scanned the pages to see if they may answer my questions?
‚ÄčHow to Scan and Skim Internet Pages

Reading a Title Page.pdfReading a Title Page.pdf

Determining the Focus

Have I recorded specific page numbers, inserted sticky notes, bookmarked websites?

Have I collected the most appropriate resources?

Am I keeping track of all sources that I use?

‚ÄčHave I conferenced with my teacher, teacher-librarian or peers to explain my progress and choice of resources?‚Äč

Keeping Track of Your Resources Junior.docKeeping Track of Your Resources Junior.doc

Learning Log.docLearning Log.doc

 Stage 3      Processing

‚ÄčAnalyzing Information

Am I ready to organize my research results?

Have I used sources that are reliable and up to date?

Have I taken notes in my own words that make sense to me (point form, lists, charts)?

Have I kept track of all my sources of information and page numbers?

Have I recorded my own thoughts, ideas and questions?

Processing Information Checklist.pdfProcessing Information Checklist.pdf‚Äč

Making Research Notes Junior Template 1.docMaking Research Notes Junior Template 1.doc

Evaluating Ideas‚Äč

Does the information relate to my topic?

Am I on the right track?

‚ÄčDetermining Importance.pdfDetermining Importance.pdf
Organizing and Synthesizing Findings‚Äč

Can I make connections based on my findings?

Have I been able to form my own opinion about the information?

Do I have evidence to support my main idea or point of view?


Have I made use of graphic organizers to sortmy information?

Have I looked for similarities, differences and connections?


‚ÄčGraphic Organizer Toolkit

Write Design Graphic Organizers

Read Write Think Webbing Tool (Interactive)‚Äč

Creating an Outline from A Web Organizer.pdfCreating an Outline from A Web Organizer.pdf

 Stage 4     Creating


‚ÄčMaking and Presenting a Product

Am I ready to put my research together?


How can I share my findings?


What format will I use to present my work?

Who is my audience?



‚ÄčTransferring Learning Checklist.pdfTransferring Learning Checklist.pdf

Patterned Paper

Read Write Think Essay Map (Interactive)

Read Write Think Persuasion Map (Interactive)

Read Write Think Compare Contrast Map (Interactive)‚Äč

Web 2.0 Applications
Assessing Product and Process‚Äč

Have I proofread my work for spelling, punctuation and grammar?

Have I asked someone else to proofread my work?

Do I have a list of my resources?

Have I met all the project requirements?

Reflect and Rework.pdfReflect and Rework.pdf

MLA Citation Maker Elementary
Extending and Transferring Learning‚Äč

What did I do well in the project?

Have I made effective use of information and communication technology?

What could I change next time I do research?


How could I apply what I have learned from my research?

Why was my work important to my learning?

What new topics would I like to explore?


‚ÄčStudent Reflection Sheet.pdfStudent Reflection Sheet.pdf



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