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   explorer Icon 9608   Stage 1: Exploring

What is my topic?
Have I shared ideas with others?
Have I grouped and sorted my ideas?
What is my focus?​

Web Brainstorm Primary.pdfWeb Brainstorm Primary.pdf​

What do I think I know about my topic?
What questions do I have about my topic?​
Where can I look to find out?
What are my key questions?

KWL Chart.pdfKWL Chart.pdf


​​​investigate Icon 1584269 Stage 2: Investigating


What is my keyword search?

Where do I look for information?​

GECDSB Virtual Library​​

Did I remember look at different types of materials?

(Books, magazines, web sites, people, newspapers, encyclopedia, pictures or images etc.)


How To Read a Title Page

How To Scan a Page

Did I keep track of my resources? Resource Tracker.pdfResource Tracker.pdf
think Icon 2390395


Stage 3: Proce​ssing



Did I record the information that answers my questions?

Have I taken notes in my own words that make sense to me (point form, pictures, graphic organizers)?

Fishbone Organizer.pdfFishbone ​Organizer.pdf

Venn Diagram.pdfVenn Diagram.pdf

Mind Map.pdfMind Map.pdf

Sequence Chart.pdfSequence Chart.pdf

Pros and Cons Chart.pdfPros and Cons Chart.pdf




Do I have more questions about my topic, or am I missing some information?​

GECDSB Virtual Library

Make Connections:

Can I share my information in my own words?

Do I understand what I found?

Can I relate what I found to what I know or thought I knew?​

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary ​

build Icon 2279394


Sta​ge 4: Creating​


​First Draft

What format will I use to share my work with others?

Who is my audience?



Revising and Editing

Do I know the success criteria for my project?

Have a shared my draft with a peer and had them check to see if I have the success criteria?

Have I check my project to see that I have met the success criteria?​

​Presenting and Refecting

Have I done what my teacher has asked?

What do I know now?

What did I do well?

What can I do better?

Student Reflection Sheet.pdfStudent Reflection Sheet.pdf