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Scholarships and Bursaries

Bursaries/Scholarships – New Online Application Process

In an effort to streamline the GECDSB bursary/scholarship application process, a new online tool has been launched for students at:

Below is a link to a video tutorial on how students will use the new Scholarships and Bursaries application:​

This online tool will provide students with:

  • Simplified application
  • Ability to save the application (and work on it again later)
  • Ability to print (parents/guardians will include their income, sign and date the hard copy)

Students will complete a single online form to apply for any/all of these GECDSB bursaries/scholarships:

  • Bill Lamb Memorial Bursary
  • Junior Achievement Scholarship/Bursary
  • Robert Little and Debra Deane Little Scholarship
  • W.L. Clark Bursary

Please note:

  • The Robert Little and Debra Deane Little Scholarship is new to the GECDSB this year
  • This scholarship, most generously, will be offered to 7 GECDSB graduating students at a value of $10,000 per year, for up to 4 years of post-secondary studies at a Canadian university
  • Students must include 2 letters of reference when applying for the Robert Little and Debra Deane Little Scholarship.


  • The deadline for these bursary/scholarship applications to be sent to the GECDSB Office by Guidance Teams is: Tuesday, April 30, 2019
  • This means that students must submit their online applications at least a few school days prior to April 30th, 2019  -providing enough time for them to print the hard copy application form, bring it home, have their parent/guardian include their income, sign and date the form,  and then return it to the Guidance Office at their school 
  • Guidance Counsellors will then submit the completed applications and supporting documentation (e.g., letters of reference) to the GECDSB Office at the end of the school day on April 30th

If you additional questions or require clarification please contact:

Natalie Middleton Bondy

Teacher Consultant – Guidance/Student Success

Greater Essex County District School Board

519-255-3200 ext. 10211


The Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB) is committed to providing students with information on the many scholarships and bursaries for which they may apply. The financial aid provided through these scholarships and bursaries can help make post-secondary education more affordable.
  • Some awards are based on academic achievement. However, many awards are based on leadership ability, community involvement and a variety of other criteria.
  • A searchable database of scholarships and bursaries is available to GECDSB students. Some of these awards are national or provincial in nature, but many are local and available only to GECDSB students. 
  • Many secondary schools have awards, bursaries and scholarships that are unique to the specific school. That is, only students attending a given school may apply for certain school-specific awards. Check with your Guidance Counsellor for a list of such awards.
  • Please note that some of the applications require transcripts, letters of reference, etc. Many of these documents take a week or more to acquire, so please make the requests for transcripts and letters well before the scholarship or bursary application deadline.
  • Although the database is curated by the GECDSB, the Board is not responsible for content.
  • Please be advised that scholarships and bursary organizations change requirements, deadlines, award amounts, criteria and websites periodically. In some cases, awards may be cancelled. Be sure to check that the organization's information is up-to-date.
Click below to access a list of some of the scholarships and bursaries available. 
Scholarship & Financial Aid Information                                                 


University of Windsor: SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major):

  • ​$500 award
  • students who have completed the Specialist High Skills Major Program 
  • are entering directly from full-time high school studies into Year 1 of a full-time undergraduate program at the University of Windsor
  • with an entering average of 80% or greater 
  •  proof of enrolment/participation must be emailed to once an application is submitted 
  • no later than April 1 
  • proof of completion of the Specialist High Skills Major Program is required to confirm the scholarship by September 30
  • apply online
  • complete the online application by doing the "Awards Search" on myuwindsor
  • link to the instructions on how to complete a search:​ Ontario Student Assistance Program: application and information (apply in the Spring, following acceptance to post-secondary program), students use the ACCESS window as a post-secondary planning tool to research the cost of programs they are considering, as well as the aid for which they may qualify  - click on "Scholarships", University pathway - more than 28,000 entrance scholarships - yconic (formerly known as "Student Awards") - budgeting/planning for post-secondary, scholarship search