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Alternative, Adult & Continuing Education
Mason Education Centre &
Leamington Campus
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Leamington Course Offerings

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Monday & WednesdayTuesday & Thursday
Course CodeDescriptionCourse CodeDescription
ENG3CEnglish (College)BTA3OInformation & Communication Tech: The Digital Environment
ENG3EEnglish (Workplace)​​MBF3CFoundations for College Math (College)
HHS4U Families in Canada (University)MEL3EMath for Work and Everyday Life (Workplace)
HRT3MWorld Religions (Open)MCR3UFunctions (University)
SCH3UChemistry (University)SBI3CBiology (College)
TFJ3CHospitality and Tourism (College)SBI3UBiology (University)
--SPH3UPhysics (University)
ENG4CEnglish (College)MAP4CFoundations for College Math (College)
ENG4EEnglish (Workplace)MDM4UMathematics of Data Management (University)
ENG4UEnglish (University)MEL4EMath for Work and Everyday Life (Workplace)
HSC4MWorld Cultures (University/College)MHF4UAdvanced Functions (University)
MCV4UCalculus & Vectors (University)OLC4OOntario Secondary School Literacy Course
SCH4CChemistry (College)SBI4UBiology (University)
SCH4UChemistry (University)SPH4CPhysics (College)
TFJ4CHospitality and Tourism (College)SPH4UPhysics (University)
COOP-PStudents with placementCOOP-PStudents with placement
Course Times: 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM
* TFJ Classes run at the Community Kitchen from 4:15 PM - 7:30 PM.
HHS4U & HRT3M are eLearning courses
  The courses being offered will run ONLY if there is sufficient enrollment.