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Alternative, Adult & Continuing Education
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Leamington Campus
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Windsor Course Offerings

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​​Semester: February 2020​
Monday & WednesdayTuesday & Thursday
Course CodeDescriptionCourse CodeDescription
ENG3CEnglish (College)BTA3OInformation & Communication Tech: The Digital Environment
ENG3EEnglish (Workplace)MBF3CFoundations for College Math (College)
HHS4UFamilies in Canada (University)MEL3EMath for Work and Everyday Life (Workplace)
HRT3MWorld Religions (Open)MCR3UFunctions (University)
SCH3UChemistry (University)SBI3CBiology (College)
TFJ3CHospitality and Tourism (College)SBI3UBiology (University)
--SPH3UPhysics (University)
ENG4CEnglish (College)MAP4CFoundations for College Math (College)
ENG4EEnglish (Workplace)MDM4UMathematics of Data Management (University)
ENG4UEnglish (University)MEL4EMath for Work and Everyday Life (Workplace)
HSC4MWorld Cultures (University/College)MHF4UAdvanced Functions (University)
MCV4UCalculus & Vectors (University)OLC4OOntario Secondary School Literacy Course
SCH4CChemistry (College)SBI4UBiology (University)
SCH4UChemistry (University)SPH4CPhysics (College)
TFJ4CHospitality and Tourism (College)SPH4UPhysics (University)
COOP-NPStudents without placementCOOP-NPStudents without placement
COOP-PStudents with placementCOOP-PStudents with placement
Course Times: 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM
* TFJ Classes run at the Community Kitchen from 4:15 PM - 7:30 PM.
Indicates eLearning course.
  Courses being offered will run ONLY if there is sufficient enrollment.