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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Edsby Tutorials

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Edsby is our main communication tool at Vincent Massey.  

Students will automatically be added to Edsby and classes soon.  Students will be able to see posted work, assignments, marks, attendance, announcements, and be able to communicate with their teachers depending on the permissions for their specific class.  

Parents and guardians will be able to monitor student progress and attendance.  They will also be able to enter planned absences for appointments or illnesses ahead of time.  Parents will also be able to communicate  with teachers.  If parents/guardians have provided the school with an email address then they will be sent an invitation email with instructions and links to activate their account.

Below you will find links to videos and documents with instructions on how to access and use Edsby.  

When using a web browser use the URL

When using the iOS or Android app use the address publicboard ( is already added).

Edsby Help Videos:  Click Here for Videos

How Parents Register for and Access Edsby:  Information for Parents on how to register for an Edsby account.pdf

Changing Your Edsby Password:  Information for Parents on how to reset their password.pdf

How to get Edsby Notifications:  Instructions for setting up Notifications from Edsby for Parents.pdf

Edsby Help:  Edsby Help for Parents.pdf

Using Edsby


  1. Download the Edsby App from iOS or Android
  2. Launch the app – server name is publicboard

USING OFFICE365 - GO TO TILES (on school computers)

  1. Click on view my APPS
  2. Click on the …. In the top right corner for the Edsby APP and Pin the Edsby tile to App Launcher
  3. Click on Sign in with Office365


  1. Go to in any web browser

Troubleshooting Help & Videos for Other Board Programs and Technology: