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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey COVID 19 Procedures

​​​​​The safety of students, staff, and visitors remains a priority for our school and Board.  This page contains Massey specific information and Board information as they relate to COVID 19 policies.

All staff and students must complete the self assessment using the Board's COVID Screening Tool prior to leaving for school.

It is time sensitive so it must be completed in the morning.

It will ask you to sign into your school account then direct the results to our database.

Do not come to school if it shows red and directs you not to to go to school.

The government's COVID-19 self-assessment provides the following details on when your household can stop self-isolating and the students can return to school:
1. The person with symptoms gets a negative COVID-19 test result or is cleared by public health and it has been 24 hours after symptoms started improving.
2. The person with symptoms sees their doctor or medical practitioner* and receives an alternate diagnosis indicating another illness or cause.  Return 24 hours after symptoms start improving.
3. The person with the symptom is better and symptom free for 10 days and family are symptom free for 14 days.

* # 2 is the easiest way to get cleared. That doctor checkup can be done in-person, with a phone consultation, or video call. It is up to you/parent and the doctor.

*** READ THE SCREENING CARFULLY! If the symptoms are not new, not worsening, and are related to other known causes or conditions you already have then you do not have to check off that you have that symptom.
For example: You have a headache, do not know why, and it is unusual for you then you CHECK off headache.
However, if your doctor said you are prone to migraines due to a condition and you have a migraine headache today, just like you often have several times a month - then you DO NOT CHECK that headache symptom off.  You may return 24 hours after you start feeling better ***

Example 2: You have seasonal allergies, you have a runny nose, and it is the season that you get those allergies. DO NOT CHECK runny nose.
However, you have a runny nose that is worse than normal and your allergies are not normal during this season. DO CHECK runny nose.

Click here for the link:  COVID Screening Tool

or use the QR Code:

Covid Screening QR Code.png

School Procedures (a summary of the Board plan & Massey specific info)

2021 - 2022 Massey COVID-19 Safety Plan (final Aug 25, 2021).pdf


Assigned Student Entrances and Exits    Entry and Exit Map.pdf