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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Vincent Massey School Schedule

Starting Tuesday, April 20 follow the schedule immediately below while we continue with remote online learning.  School is closed to students except for those in the STEPS Program.

Sychronous learning (live with the teacher) will begin.
Both cohorts A and B will attend both online classes every day for 150 minutes.

Period 1 (7) - 9:05 to 11:35
Period 2 (8) - 12:35 to 3:05

STEPS students may attend in-person at their regular times. Students in the STEPS program must continue to do the online COVID screening prior to coming to school

End of Quad 4 Exam schedule attached: QUAD 4 Exams and End of Quad Schedule-STUDENT.pdf

Note: Classes will continue and attendance will be taken up to and including Tuesday June 22.

After that is is only wrap up as directed by your teacher if your teacher contacts you.

If you have a formal final exam - period 7 will be on Monday June 21 in the morning and period 8 will be on Tuesday June 22 in the morning. If you do not have a formal exam then it is a regular class in the morning on those two days with no afternoon classes.


Follow schedule below when we return to in-person classes:


Calendar: Secondary Quadmester_Revised- Feb 19.pdf

The REVISED in-person schedule for the remainder of the year is as follows:

9:05 to 11:35 - In-person class at school for one cohort.
9:05 to 11:35 - Asynchronous learning online from home (NOT live with the teacher) for the other cohort.

11:35 to 12:45 - Travel time and lunch / break.

12:45 to 3:15 - Synchronous online class (live with the teacher) for BOTH Cohorts A and B.

Note: each class is now 150 minutes long. Adjust your ride times for the 11:35 AM dismissal. Transit Windsor is reworking their Secondary School Extra schedule. Morning pick up should not change.

Virtual students (cohort C) follow the schedule posted by Virtual School.

Cohort A only Schedule:  

Cohort B only Schedule:  


  ​Doors Open for Students  ​​8:50 AM
  ​In-Pe​rson Class​  9:05 - 11:35
  Exit Building  11:35
  ​​Off Site Lunch and Travel Home  11:35 - 12:45
​  Online Synchronous class  ​12:45 - 3:15


Board Calendar:  2020-21 CALENDAR.pdf

Inclement Weather – Emergency School Closings and Transportation Policy

Given the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, please be advised that the following new procedures will be implemented for the current school year only.

In the event that student transportation is cancelled in either the City and/or the County, the following procedures will be followed for the 2020/21 school year:
β€’ All secondary students in both the city and county will participate in remote on-line learning for that day.  Schools will remain open but students will learn from home, online only and NOT report to the building. Attendance will be taken for both classes at their normal times.
School Bus.jpg​
So if any school yellow school buses are cancelled (city &/or county), even Massey students stay home and attend scheduled class online only that day.