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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Links​

The STEPS Program offers nine non-credit K courses.  The K courses are known as knowledge courses and are designed to help students become as independent as possible and more aware of the world around them.  The nine K courses are:

LANGUAGE                                                       KENGN

The focus of this area is to encourage, develop and practice expressive and receptive communication through the skill of speaking, signing, reading and writing.  These language skills are developed through recognition and comprehension of phonics, functional vocabulary and grammar.  Group instruction is reinforced with individual attention.  Computers are used to supplement the Language program.

WORLD OF WORK                                                KGWGN
In school pre-vocational job training is provided to students in real life situations. The emphasis is placed on developing positive work experiences that will lead to a mature attitude towards the working world

SOCIAL SKILLS                                                     KHDGN

The focus of this subject is intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and relationships through character and values education.  Students gain an understanding of themselves so as to be able to relate to others in a variety of life’s situations.  Topics can deal with emotions, respect and friendship.​

CULINARY SKILLS                                                           KHIGN
Every day living skills are taught in the natural setting of the kitchen.  Students learn how to prepare their own snacks, meals and follow a recipe.  Students practice their table manners and social skills while eating the food they have prepared.  Students also learn household cleaning skills and laundry skills. 

MATH                                                                 KMMGN

The focus of this area is to develop mathematical skills that will promote independence in real life situations.  Acquiring numerical skills and applying them to basic math concepts and operations will allow the student to become independent in the areas dealing with money, time, measurement and directions.

PHYISCAL EDUCATION                                            KPFGN
The focus of this course is general fitness and to promote safe, healthy and leisure/recreational participation.  Students participate in exercise programs in the gym.  Skill development in specific sports is also taught.  Direct application of the concepts and skills taught in this class are applied at various Special Olympic events 

HEALTHY LIVING                                                  KPHGN
Healthy lifestyles and healthy eating are examined in this class.  The students also learn about how the body works. 

SELF HELP/SELF CARE                                            KPPGN
This courses deals with personal hygiene and grooming skills.  It also looks at making appropriate choices in life.​

ART FOR ENJOYMENT                                            KALGN

Students will acquire an appreciation for a variety of art and drama.  They will be introduced to different creative art forms.  They students will also be introduced to a variety of self-expression through drama.  They will be encouraged to practice both their art and drama skills​