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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Special Announcement
Remote Learning Opt out Form

​Important information for in class learning and opting out for remote learning


ALL secondary students have been enrolled for in-person learning for September 2021. Classes will be held all day, every day for the entire semester. Every course will be completed in class without an online component. There will be one 150 minute class followed by lunch and another 150 minute class. We will switch to four classes a day as soon as possible. There will be a junior and senior lunch.

No action is required for in person learning.

To opt out of in person learning - parents, guardians, students must complete the form at the link above

From July 28th – August 6th families will have the opportunity to opt-out of in-person learning and choose Remote Learning by completing the form.

Secondary Remote Learning Model:

The September 2021 remote learning model for secondary students will be determined based on the number of students who opt-out of in-person learning. Remote learning may include a Hybrid Model (learning along with a teacher and students learning in class), a Virtual School (a teacher teaching the class live online), e-Learning, or courses that are available at our alternative secondary school (working individually on computer based lessons with a teacher available at set times for questions or assistance). Students who opt-out of in-person learning may be placed in any one of these alternatives. You cannot choose the type of remote model. It will depend on enrollment and the situation at the time.

In-person learners will NOT have the option to switch to remote learning in semester 2. This is the only opportunity to choose remote learning.