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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Ecoschools Certification 2013

The Massey environment club known as Massey Green has been awarded with Ecoschools certification once again.  As part of Massey Green-EcoSchools, our students have been working very diligently in keeping our school and neighbouring grounds green.  This past year, our students have participated in waste audits, battery and cell phone drives, and waste-free lunches.  Members of Massey Green attended a Dr. Suzuki presentation which discussed how ​businesses, schools and individuals can conserve our environment by providing science based education.  Throughout the school year, Massey Green has been promoting ways to conserve energy at school and home.  We are very excited to continue with our school ground greening projects next year as we work together with our Green Industries Class. This group of enthusiastic, energized students continue to develop new ways to promote environmental stewardship in the school and the community at large.​

During the month of May, the environmental club at Massey claimed recognition for its environmental efforts within our school and community by completing our annual certification for Eco-schools Ontario.  This process involved submitting artifacts of how we have made our school a greener place. Some of the items in our portfolio included our 89% participation rate in our annual symbolic Earth Hour throughout the school, our “Bring on the Heavy Metal” battery drive which allowed 700 pounds of batteries to be diverted from the landfill and our 5 star rating eco classroom contest.  An eco-schools representative came to assess our school this month and spoke with two of our actively involved members, Jason Maisonville and Tiffany Scurr. They showed off one of our computer labs, that had monitors off (when not in use), a classroom with recyclables properly sorted and shared some of the ways we have seen our school change to be more environmentally aware.  Our school has been awarded Gold certification for the past three years because of the team’s hard work and our schools participation! Keep Massey Green!

Massey Green.jpg 

Members of Massey Green with sponsor teachers Ms. Braccio and Ms. Rousseau.