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Vincent Massey Secondary School
English Language Learners' Night
ELL Night.jpg

The ELL PRO Grant night was held on November 8th and was a huge success.  A large number of our ELL parents along with students came out to support the importance of parent involvement. SWIS workers translated throughout the night as well as answered any questions or concerns parents may have had. We also had the pleasure of including a tea service performed throughout the night. The ELL PRO Grant night was an opportunity for parents to gain knowledge about a range of topics and receive a variety of resources.  It was a chance for parents to learn about the educational system - for some of our ELL parents it was very unfamiliar.  In addition, it was a great opportunity for parents to meet other parents going through similar challenges.  Parents received a package to help make informed decisions about their child’s educational pathway.  It is imperative to create a strong partnership with parents and the school so that ELL students may achieve their maximum potential.  A special thank you goes to the Ontario Ministry of Education who funded the IMPAC PRO Grant, IMPAC, the ESL Support Teachers as well as the Administration for supporting this important night.​​​